Self defense with a firearm....

Self defense with a firearm....

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Thread: Self defense with a firearm....

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    Self defense with a firearm....

    Food for thought in this article....

    "What happens when you have to use that investment?"


    Yeah, I got tapatalk, too. So what?
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Well in some states it is that way I guess. In others a plain Home SD shooting doesnt result in you being cuffs or in the back seat of a cruiser. Its a good shoot then it is and some states LE have the common sense to know if your home is broken into you had the right to use lethal force period end of story. Call the coroner and have a nice day sir. Which is how it should be.

    No arrest no civil as prohibited by law in castle states. My own state made the determination for me that anyone breaking into my home or forcing entry or even attempting to is to be considered a lethal threat and dealt with accordingly. Be they armed or unarmed their mere presence uninvited into my home is considered a lethal threat regardless.
    Their definition. I merely will follow it.
    You dont have to believe a train is coming. Itll run over you anyway.

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    Good advice in that article. In advance, equip yourself predicting that a gaggle of soccer moms will be seeing your equipment before deciding the course of the rest of your life, and "zombie" should not be in any product description. Keep a lawyer's number handy. In the aftermath, do whatever the police say to do, immediately. Do not argue. Except for identifying yourself, keep your mouth shut until your lawyer gets there, unless the situation is unresolved (a bad guy got away and ran into the neighbor's yard, etc). If you have to talk, say "I was in fear for my life."

    The sad facts are, anyone who shoots in self-defense is a potential target in criminal proceedings thanks to the political situation, and an almost certain target in civil proceedings thanks to our broken system. Some states may be better than others, but a motivated DA could find a charge to pin on a ham sandwich if he wanted to.
    "Lots of ways to help people. Sometimes heal patients; sometimes shoot dangerous people. Either way helps."
    - Dr. Mordin Solus

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    Agree. Sad but true

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