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Just turned down a job because I'm "paranoid"

This is a discussion on Just turned down a job because I'm "paranoid" within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm Armed guard = security. Unarmed guard = public relations. Hm. They've misclassified the position! That's it. It's really a P.R. post. ...

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Thread: Just turned down a job because I'm "paranoid"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Armed guard = security.
    Unarmed guard = public relations.

    Hm. They've misclassified the position! That's it. It's really a P.R. post.
    Dead on here.

    The banks first concern is protecting the banks assets, thats taken care of by federally insured deposits. The second is protecting the banks liability's- they want to avoid anything that will get a customer or employee hurt. They have done their homework, and know the odds. Why add a liability (you and your gun) into the mix when most likely it will never be needed? Lets say a robbery goes down, and you shoot the robber.... robber's family will sue. Customers will sue. All for what? So you protected about 5k in insured assets? Good business there.
    Lets flip the coin... robbery goes down, you have your gun. Guess who the first target is? YOU! So either your going to get shot, or your going to be doing some shooting.... and for what again? Lets the sue happy public roll with that one.
    Also, once the management knows and is OK with you carrying, they are now responsible to provide you with training and to provide a bond for your actions... all very expensive, and I ask again, for what? Thats why when you do see armed guards at a bank or a store, most likely they are retired or active cops or are from an outside contractor.
    Just providing some business insight here,mixed in with some devils advocate. I agree that you should have not taken the job.

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    Wow. They just want to be robbed.
    "We are sure no one will get in your way Mr. Robber. We are positive he doesn't carry!" I worked a seven-11 gig when I was younger. They had the same mentality. I remember this story about a guy who worked for them. A lady came in with a 12G shottie and demanded money. Money given. Demanded more money. No more money to give! She cycled the gun and told him she was going to kill him if he didn't find some money. He grabbed the shotgun and pushed her away. He was fired for resisting the robbery! I understand the reasons they wouldn't want him to resist(liability) but that doesn't make it right. This is a big sign to criminals-easy hit. I say avoid any company that makes it a big point to let people know you are defenseless.
    The Problem: When stupid people do stupid things, smart people end up getting killed.

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    You did fine. Why take a job with no defensive ability allowed?
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    I bet they have a gun-buster sign on the door as well.......that'll stop any robbers in their tracks.
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    I know the FDIC insures the money in banks, but I don't know about seperate insurance the bank might have and maybe they get a discount if they have "security personnel" on the premesis. I do work an unarmed security job at a bar(read: bouncer), but that is a whole nother ball game since it is mostly settling down rowdy football fans and not being in the way of an armed robber.

    Maybe someone should remind the managers of the bank that robbery is by definition a violent offense. The bank I use up here has an unarmed guard, as well as a gun buster sign, although he does get to keep his cell phone, a mini-mag and maybe even mace on his belt. My dad used to work for the federal reserve bank in the 70's, the guards there had tommy guns, my how times have changed... I wouldn't of taken the job either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    So basically, he said, there have been NO robberies by force, and no people hurt, or killed in any bank robbery in the history of the United States.
    Did you ask him to cite his source? Then did you tell him he was full of cr@p?

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    Then, my girlfriends b*tch roommate (and pacifist, who refused to be seen in public with me because I was concealed carrying) said: *yelling* they have rules for a reason, the reason you can't carry is because a security guard shot a bunch of kids, so it's unsafe for you to carry at work"
    Tell her she should turn herself in to the police--you see, she could be a prostitute, after all, she does have the equipment.

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    So I had a job offer at PNC bank here in Pittsburgh. I went there for training last night and they told me it was an unarmed position. Not that I have a problem working unarmed (I'd prefre to be armed if possible) but they told me this bank gets robbed quite often, and that I will be 100% safe when it gets robbed.
    First comment: No one anywhere at any time on any planet is 100% safe. They nor anyone else can guarantee that. The bank and it's officers and board are 100% safe during the robbery from the robber because they aren't there. Otherwise no one is safe from the robber.

    Second comment: In a nice way tell your parents to take a hike. If they want to risk their lives that is their business, but it is your determination as to whether you want to risk yours.

    Third comment: Get a new girlfriend. Yeah, I know it sounds cold, but ask yourself what kind of relationship you can have with a person who thinks that you are crazy for not being willing to risk your life for money. In the military you risk your life and you receive money, but you are not risking your life for money. There you risk it for principles and one of those principles is that people have the right to choose what they want to risk their life for.

    Fourth comment: Paranoia is a mental illness. Taking responsibility for one's own life is common sense. Who do you think is more balanced in this case: 1) the person who refuses to risk his life on the say so of someone who has no concern for him or 2) the person who refuses to recognize that we live in a world in which violence happen untold numbers of time each and every day and who expect a police force that is made up of a very small number to be at their beck and call and which will always come riding in like the cavalry just in time to save their bacon. Anybody who thinks that the answer is number 2 is in dire need of intensive psychological help as is most of the population of our country. They have bought into the liberal promise of no personal responsibility and cannot, for the most part, be convinced otherwise in spite of the facts before their eyes. It's the old adage, "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up."

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

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    Security Guard?

    I'll bet the uniform shirt is similar to the 'Target' logo shirts...

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    I'm sorry, but Virginia just put a man to death for killing a bank guard during the robbery of a bank not two miles from my house. The bank was protected by a No Guns policy and sticker, and a guard. They gave the robber what he asked for. The guard made no move to intervene. The thief shot the guard anyway, without hesitation. Yes, the robber was caught, convicted and executed. The guard remains deceased.

    You turned down a job after being advised that there was a high risk and history of robbery at that location, that the company employing you did not want you to defend yourself or even wear protective gear, and after receiving a worthless guarantee of safety from people who do not have your best interests at heart, who have no concern for your welfare or safety (as evidenced by their policies), and who have no means to enforce their own guarantee. Sounds like a no brainer to me. One does wonder, though, why your parents and girlfriend are more concerned about your income than your life.
    - Tom
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    I gotta agree with the Doc. Man, cut her loose.

    My first thought was, "well, hey, they're different. Nothing wrong with that, just let it go". Well, that's true, but on a little more reflection, it's not just that she and her peeps are different.

    It's that she's going to be ALL OVER you every day for the rest of your life together (supported on her flanks by the buttinsky idiot squad) if you do anything that she wouldn't do.

    You don't need THAT hassle either, brother.

    It would be one thing if she thought guns and all were unnecessary but STFU after informing you of her opinion.

    But it doesn't sound like that's her way, or the way of her friends.

    And that probably doesn't apply to just guns, man. It'll be EVERYTHING.

    Cold, not related to guns, off-topic, & etc. (I apologize)...but dump her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    ... 94% of ... 6% ... and 2.5% of that ...
    ... means that it's better than 90% chance the one lunatic with a gun will be the one to cap your a$$ in spite of the guy's fancy statistics. If he's so certain in his figurin', he should don the uniform and ride non-firearm / non-vest / non-sense for 6mos to see how it fits.

    Oh yeah: jettison the GF. She's bad news. This rift will only deepen, and be grist for future discussions on your sensibilities. Your parents may or may not come around. Perhaps at maximum, you can at least hope they'll value that your were listening during some of their early lectures on common sense, using your brain, refusing to dump your judgment merely because of what others thought. Maybe. In the meantime, that'll be their loss. BTDT.
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    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    Nice Percentages

    I like all the numbers the bank manager was quoting. Reminds me of what Mark Twain once said. "LIES, DAMN LIES, THEN STATISTICS."

    Dead is dead and you will never hear that bank manager tell you, "I was wrong about you being 100% safe."

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    I'm not paranoid, I'm survival oriented.

    Bank guard in Norfolk, VA killed for being present last year.

    Most banks don't use security, like he said, it's an invitation for a shootout.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

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    Maybe a armored car courier would be better suited for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Maybe a armored car courier would be better suited for you?
    As soon as I get my ACT 235 that's what I'm doing.
    "There are more things on this planet with fangs, claws, poisons, and scales, than there are things that are warm, fuzzy, and full of love. It's just a simple fact." - James Keating

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