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PDA's......anyone have/use one?

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Thread: PDA's......anyone have/use one?

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    Palm Zire 72, depend on it...
    calendar, alarm clock
    camera (still and video w/sound)
    also voice recorder, calculator, notepad, I have a couple of reference books I use on it too

    contact list, phone dialer (bluetooth)

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    I mainly use mine to store addresses and phone numbers.
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    I am the Blackberry admin for our company and support a lot of these things.

    I have to say that they really are great. If you are dealing with company email this thingy is the cats pajamas!

    Anyway I carry a 8700c as do all of my clients. Navigations is much faster than a normal pda. There are also many free programs you can download.

    If you are wanting movies the BB is not the device for you. Try an Ipaq. There is software that can rip movies and play them on the smaller screen. I ripped 3 full size movies to a 1gb sd card and watched them while on the plane to Mexico.

    I actually have one for sale right now. Check your PM's.
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    I started out with a Palm Zire 31 about two years ago and moved up to a Palm TX last year when they became available. I wouldn't want to be without it!

    You mentioned that in addition to music and videos, that you may want to keep track of your weight-lifting. You may then want to consider a handheld with Word and Excel.

    I put off buying one for many years because I was where you are now; I wasn't sure if I'd really put it to use or not. That has not been a problem at all! Mine is in my shirt pocket just about all the time. The longer I have it, the more uses I've discovered for it.


    Task List and Calendar - A glorified alarm clock and assistant to remind me of medications, appointments, to-do's, etc. One example- The only time most of us remember that the wiper blades need to be changed is when we're driving home in a downpour. After we get home, we forget all about it until the next time it rains. (I'm terrible at things like that. The weekend comes and all that stuff just goes right out of my head.) For things like this, I'll jot it down in my Task List when I enter the garage and then I know to buy wiper blades the next day.

    Memos - I use this for 2A and motivational quotes; to write down movies or books I'd like to see/read if somebody tells me of a good one; subscription dates to magazines so I know when my subscription really expires because you start getting renewal notices two months after you subscribe; all kinds of tech notes for work; all of my prescription drug info; CD's that I might want; and on and on.

    Contacts - I have close to 200 contacts in mine between family and friends, business, hobby shops, and gun shops.

    With third party software, mine serves as an MP3 and video player occasionally. I don't use it that way a whole bunch; it's nice to have on airplane flights.

    For me, a PDA has worked awesome for me to get organized. Before buying it, I tried notebooks, organizers, Daytimers, etc. The problem with these is that it's difficult and time consuming to re-organize or re-categorize, delete info, edit info, alphabetize, or to find things. A PDA has a search feature which is awesome. And...a PDA fits in your shirt pocket, none of those others things can do that.

    Learning curve - I think you need to have at least a little bit of techy in you to really use a PDA but they are very easy to get the hang of.

    I have Wi-Fi on mine and haven't found that I really make use of that feature. I don't have Wi-Fi near my home or work so that limits my usage of that. I used it a couple times to retrieve an urgent email when I've needed to but that's about it.

    Hope that feedback helps you out!
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