Drive through robbery

Drive through robbery

This is a discussion on Drive through robbery within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm sure they mean that the robber displayed a hand gun, because i don't think just displaying his hand would have been much of ...

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Thread: Drive through robbery

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    Drive through robbery

    I'm sure they mean that the robber displayed a hand gun, because i don't think just displaying his hand would have been much of a threat unless he was Wolverine. First time I've ever heard of a robbery through a drive through, am I just sheltered? Is this a common practice?
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    I heard that about that... only in Springfield Township. Well maybe Colrain too....

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    it happens the Mc'd's got robbed twice in one day by a guy walking up in the drive thru

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    Are There Any Surprises Anymore?...

    Drive-through's...the BG's are too lazy to walk into the store?
    Will they try to rob a doughnut shop next? Sixto...could you answer that? (kidding, of course)

    I'm waiting waiting for the 'mail' robbery...

    Dear Sir,
    Please forward $x,xx dollars to the following address...

    Oh, wait a minute, we already have's called our "Federal Income Tax".

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    LoL! There are a few dunkin donuts around here, and they do get hit too, same as the other fast food places. A lot of these types of robberies are the buddies or boyfriends of employees working at the fast food place. Its a quick way to make a few hundred dollars, and if the employee can't or wont give a accurate description, there is little LE can do.

    I refuse to be seen anywhere near a donut shop, even though they are the only places to get anything to eat at 3am.

    Way off topic, but a few years go I clocked a truck going 45 in a 25 zone... I gave chase and stopped the truck. After I made the stop, I noticed it was a Dolly Madison delivery truck- it made the little local paper. I never will hear the end of that.

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    Message has to be - nowhere is guaranteed safe!!!

    Even stopped waiting in line to get an order - watch six, use mirrors and spot any trouble coming before it gets to you - and so be prepared.

    Pretty despicable if truth be known - but crime-critters follow different rules than us honest folk.
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    I've heard of banks (seriously!) having a been drive-thru targets.

    Wouldn't it be easy to just duck or step away from the window if you're an employee?? (I know those drive-thru windows definitely aren't bullet-proof!, uh, not from expierience or anything!)
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