Putting up the flag

Putting up the flag

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Thread: Putting up the flag

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    Putting up the flag

    Whatever you believe in, you will like this. No matter where you came from or what your politics are, you need to look at this. It is really great!!!!

    Click below

    Putting Up the Flag http://puttinguptheflag.com/
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    Amen! Thanks for the post.

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    Thanks I needed that.

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    Very good, something to share. TY for sharing it with us

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    How TRUE and moving, especially since tomorrow is 9/11.

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    Please put it up again, again, again FOREVER. THANK YOU!

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    A video that just makes you smile.

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    We really are blessed. It's easy to forget or take for granted as we go about our every day activities.

    Thanks Msgt.
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    Very nice! As I like to say, the worst of America is far better than the best of the rest of the world. We gripe and complain, but we've got it so good if you really think about it.

    And I'll take his dog.
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    Thanks, Top. I needed that.
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    MSGT Thank you for posting this. I have two one at the gravel driveway that can be seen from the road and one at the house only the wife and I see. 58,260 people will never get the chance to fly the flag so I do.


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    As I sit here on 9/11/2013 it being my 57th birthday, I really, really needed this.

    I want to say that I dearly LOVE the American Flag (La Bandera de Los Estados Unidos for those who can't understand my English) It is not something to be worshiped, I do that at my Episcopal Church where because I am free to do just that, worship in the way I want. No other country under their banner can boldly proclaim that without fear.

    Since I was just a small lad, the Flag has meant a lot, it inspires me and also reminds me that we have had sacrifice underneath its red and white stripes and its blue field filled with stars to represent all of the states in this great Union. My great grandmother when I was very young gave me a 48 star flag. This was in 1960 and because Alaska & Hawaii had been admitted to the Union to make 50 states, this flag would be something to cherish one day since there no longer were just 48 states.

    On a clear, sunny day, the vivid colour of our flag is a breathtaking sight. I do not know why but it's design, the way it flows in the breeze simply does something that one cannot describe.

    I have a friend who thinks that burning our flag in protest is acceptable. He says that it is a freedom of expression guaranteed to us. Yes, my friend it is, but they can only burn that flag because of what the flag represents, freedom. They are burning the very thing that flies over our Bill of Rights that allows such disgust. He thinks that it is just a piece of cloth that has more rights than people and that's why he believes it should be done. Whatever. I also told him that I have the right to protest the flag burning because the Bill of Rights that the flag flies over guarantees me such right. Trust me, I will protest flag burning with vigor.

    I like the flag in all forms from the Revolutionary War with the 13 stripes and 13 stars in a circle to our modern one. As a kid, I had my mom to sew me a flag like the Revolutionary one and she did. I just love the flag and I can't help it.

    So, today, on September 11th, I am taking the time to express my love of this unique symbol and...........

    Here's to Old Glory and LONG may she wave!
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    This is a great video. Thanks for posting it.

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    this was awesome. . not much else to say than that...


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    Because I can.

    When my husband and I moved into our house five years ago, we really relished the freedom of having no HOA. Dad asked, "You want to put up a flag?" That was one of the first things he did when we moved to TN. He didn't even need to ask.

    The paint was still wet on the walls when we set the concrete to hold the galvanized flagpole. I've got my 3x5 Betsy Ross flying on it, and today I added my 4x6 50-star off my front porch.
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