"For Sale Stolen Gun"

"For Sale Stolen Gun"

This is a discussion on "For Sale Stolen Gun" within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; That's an attention grabber. On a local forum I frequent a member has posted, in a sale sub-forum, pictures of gun of his that was ...

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Thread: "For Sale Stolen Gun"

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    "For Sale Stolen Gun"

    That's an attention grabber. On a local forum I frequent a member has posted, in a sale sub-forum, pictures of gun of his that was stolen. A BOLO, if you will. The ad/notice reads:

    A few nights ago had somebody break in to my truck and stole a gun. im in bartow county. It was a older s&w 38sp nickel plated. If you see it for sell let me know. the serial number is 15044

    I don't mind "truck guns" but this is just a reminder that guns should be secured in your home if at all possible. Maybe the guy had a lock box in his truck, I don't know. I have found lock boxes to be of minimum utility, and easily defeated by a motivated thief with simple tools. There are times when we need to store the gun in the car; but when you are home, I don't see why it is too much trouble to bring it in and lock it up....
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    I see no reason to leave a gun in a vehicle overnight while at home. I do hope this gentlemen is able to recover his property though.
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    I agree. I have a cable safe in my car. I use it when I'm going into no carry areas...sometimes. It would stop a smash and grab, but not someone with bolt cutters.
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