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Thread: Hooked on a song...

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    Hooked on a song...

    I'm hooked on this. It reminds me of Bob Dylan just after he went electric or some of the early stuff by The Who. Give it a listen but I must warn you, the first time you'll think it's so so. The second time you'll be thinking, "OK I kinda like it". The third time you'll be completely hooked.

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    Thanks! I finally got Blurred Lines out of my head. Now, whatcha got to get rid of this one?
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    It's catchy!

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    Definitely 1960's Dylan style. I like it.

    This is actually music, not that stuff we seem to be getting these days. Real musicians playing real instruments and singing in real voices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJoGunn View Post
    Definitely 1960's Dylan style. I like it.

    This is actually music, not that stuff we seem to be getting these days. Real musicians playing real instruments and singing in real voices.
    I like it too. It's different in a good way. It reminds me of one of my favorite groups, Mumford and Sons.
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    It makes me want to claw my ears off.

    Oh Lord, please don't let it stick in my head today...
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    Yeah...it's Dylan like. I wouldn't mind if he did some old Dylan maybe with some Donovan thrown in+some Mamas and the Papas too.
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    Thanks for sharing. Always looking for something new.

    But i have to admit, I was looking for something to jam into my ear or slash my wrist in like 20-30 seconds. Rest assured that I let the entire thing play because I always try to keep an open mind. It didnt grow on me. I was looking for some form of acid by the end. Thank God it was only 2:30 seconds.

    I liked the guitar...but his voice may as well have been the sound of a dolphin farting.

    In fairness..i cant stand Bob Dylan either. If pressed I may choose this song over anything by Dylan.

    Before anybody blows a gasket, I'm not hating on Dylan. I understand that he is wildly popular and influential. I just dont get it.

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    Good Stuff....I feel as if Mr. Zimmerman is grinning as Woody Guthrie would be, if Guthrie was still living. If this guy writes his own music and not just another Millennial Generation hack, I may have to check out his recordings.
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    I made it 42 seconds, sorry just not my taste.
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    I think I've heard that on MVY. I had no idea it was that new. Another one from MVY that I really like. But I'm a sucker for bluegrass songs about NC.

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    Sounded more like a combination of Dylan and Buddy Holly to me.
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    I dig it.

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