Please help us in joining the fight to ban assault power tools
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Assault Drills

The tool that started it all- a .50 (1/2") high speed full auto assault drill. It is a model 7254 Type 2 manufactured by the famous International Death Merchant Black and Decker. This drill is an industrial accident waiting to happen. There is no need for a tool like this to be available to the average homeowner, yet you can go down to almost any hardware store in any town and purchase one. What's worse, is that you could send your ten year old daughter to buy it for you, and she could walk home with it that same day.

Why? Because there are no age limits and no waiting periods for assault drills. Originally developed for military use, these drills are now available to the public without permits of any kind; their ownership is not regulated by any agency of the Federal Government; their ownership is not regulated by any State Agency. Worse, there are hundreds of thousands of these "tools" in homes across America- probably in your own home! Note in the illustration above that these drills contained features only found in military hardware- large calibers, pistol grips, locks for constant, high-speed drilling, and drill bits capable of drilling through tank armour. Yet, with all these features, they can easily be plugged into a standard wall outlet and operated by a child of two!