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The Ready Store

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Thread: The Ready Store

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    The Ready Store

    I check our store supplies and bugout gear every 6 months to update food items, seasonal clothing, etc. It was time to replace all our MREs. We could bug-in for around 2 months food-wise (not including water), but we decided it was time to push that to 6 months. So we stocked up on MREs and the Saratoga Farms freeze dried foods. I wanted a variety and something that could last long-term, even longer than MREs, so the Saratoga Farms foods are new to us. Most of it is not ready-to-eat and require anywhere from 2-4 cups or water for the entrees, but I wanted to make sure we had something for small, picky eaters. I've already eaten a couple, and they can use 1 cup less than what is recommended.

    We also got more water containers. We chose the Water Brick 3.5 gallon containers for portability. We have two wood rain barrels that we're going to switch out for the plastic ones with spigots; something more sanitary overall and easier to empty.

    So the delivery comes in and it's a big one, and the FedEx driver starts to chat about how I'm the third person on his run in the past few months who have placed big orders with the Ready Store. "See you when you get the gas masks and kevlar," he says as he leaves.

    Today I come home and greeting me is another pile of A-Pack boxes from the Ready Store. My order already came in, but this pile has my name on it. I'm wondering if this is some kind of mistake, so I open a box and read the letter that was inside:

    Dear Valued Customer,

    A few weeks ago we issued a recall for the MRE Full Meal Entrees. The recall has no health or contamination risk.

    The MRE Full Meal was recalled by the manufacturer because the product included a pack of salt water that was used to activate the MRE Flameless heater. The packets you received in your previous order have a defective seal which can break and damage some of the other contents in the package such as the peppermint or fruit candy.

    While this defective water packet might not affect the other food items in the MRE Full Meal from your previous order, we wanted to provide the best experience for you and replace the affected items for free. We have included in this shipment all the MRE Full Meals to replace those from your previous order.


    Yay Ready Store!

    I really don't care about the peppermint and the Skittles. As far as I'm concerned, the first shipment is still perfectly good, whether the water pack breaks or not. Everything else is sealed up tight.

    Free food. Free food! Bring on the zombie apocalype. I've got chocolate fudge brownies and lemon poppyseed pound cake. I'm good.
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    Cool , mre's last quite a long time. I would imagine the nutritional value may deplete after time. I have had 6 yr old or more mre's with no ill effects .
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    Nice to see an honorable company. There are too few around anymore.

    Of course, that applies to people as well, unfortunately. (Just look at politicians.)
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    Good job, Betty!

    I've bought quite a bit of stuff from The Ready Store. It's a good company.
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    Can't ask for better customer service than that!
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    Oh thank you Betty for this thread, not sure how I missed reading it before. This one has great food for Vegetarians! That has been a big obstacle when I was visiting the local Bass Pro and looking into their camping supplies at foods like this, only things like potato's and ice cream, hardly any veggies. Their prices look pretty good too.

    Thanks a bunch, it's saved in my favorites!

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