Changing up how I carry a pistol this year for firearm season. Going with a Diamond D Chest Holster (really a nice holster) this year. I became frustrated wearing an orange vest last year. Now with this holster, I'm done with the vest. I prefer silk and wool for base and mid layers. Less noise, breath better, wicks well, and plenty warm. Merino is amazing. Wool outerlayer tends to get heavy, there are better synthetic options for wind, rain, and if you pick right not that noisy (but always a little more than wool).

This brings me to my post. Ordered Bemidji wool shirt. It is just great. Costs a bit, but when I strip off my outter layer, or I'm stalking, I would rather be seen by a fellow hunter than worry about a deer seeing me (I figure they heard or smelled me before they see me).

Sharing this post because it is very hard to find orange wool clothing (at least was for me), figure a few of you must be hunters, and after this purchase I feel good about Bemidji.