What does the smell of gun oil/CLP (of any sort) take you to mentally?

What does the smell of gun oil/CLP (of any sort) take you to mentally?

This is a discussion on What does the smell of gun oil/CLP (of any sort) take you to mentally? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My Comments: OK, it is a really strange question. But the sharp yet comforting olafactry response to the smell of a firearm or the gun ...

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Thread: What does the smell of gun oil/CLP (of any sort) take you to mentally?

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    What does the smell of gun oil/CLP (of any sort) take you to mentally?

    My Comments: OK, it is a really strange question. But the sharp yet comforting olafactry response to the smell of a firearm or the gun oil (CLP, Lube.. whatever) is........just........ nirvana.............

    Sometimes, just the smell (a small touch of the scent takes me back to places......) Such as the thoughts of my first single shot .22 and my foster dad hovering behind me until he was OK with my abilities...and then he handed me a Marlin 30 30 to go out into the woods and provide food for the family........... And then there might be times where that instant smack of the smell makes me realize that I miss my Team Mates from some OCONUS place.............

    I really love it when I have cleaned and pulled proper maintenance on my weapon, and the smell lingers on my hands and in the room............

    So, we are the USA. We have a culture of firearms and I guess I am asking mostly how you might be reminded of who taught you, and who you will transfer that relationship with firearms and being a Citizen to.

    What are your memories when that smell is about?
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    ANGLICO, you know where it takes me? Back to a back porch in the Steel City, mixing in with the distinct smell of fall. Being taught how to properly maintain the firearms I was taught to shoot. Just thinking about it, I can still hear the whistles from the trains rolling through along Rt. 65.
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    With me it Hoppe's No.9.
    Dad, stepbrother and I rabbit hunting, the sound of the hounds and Dad letting me out shoot him.
    Only to realize later it was a long walk back to the car and a limit of ten rabbits in the coat got
    really heavy.
    Never went to bed before cleaning the guns and looking after the hounds.
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    Cleaning my BB gun when I was 12. It was a Crossman 760 pump. I loved that thing. Probably put over 50,000 "rounds" through it, while imagining I was saving the world from hordes of invading Russians.

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    What does the smell of gun oil/CLP (of any sort) take you to mentally?

    To the smell of gun oil/CLP.

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    Georgia..South of the mountains, north of the sand flies.
    The odor of "Shake well before using" LSA definitely brings back memories.....
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    Definitely takes me back to my BB gun, it was a Red Ryder, and no I didn't shoot my eye out with it. That event happened three years later chopping wood.
    I just acquired my handguns a few years ago and did not have the opportunity to use Hoppe's for probably 50+ years. As soon as I opened the bottle to clean my guns, I flashed back. I did noticed there was a slight difference in smell though.

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    It takes me to the garage where I clean my guns.
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    Yep, Dad, cleaning guns, reloading, crisp Fall, the smell of the marsh, coffee, all of it. Teach your kids to shoot. Reload with them as helpers. Take your kids hunting. It's the most natural thing to do there is. It is what we are, and what we're made for. We don't have claws or teeth so we have to use our brains and make weapons to hunt with. They're just better than sharp sticks in 2013. Those cherished memories last a lifetime.

    This is hard to write. My dad was a doctor and one of the most wonderful people to ever walk the earth, but everything was not always wonderful with my father. He was haunted/hunted by daemons from Korea and bottles of Gin (that stuff I can't stand even the smell of). It made the nicest guy in the world plain mean, and he drank every night, but no matter what he answered that bell every morning. Your classic fully functional alcoholic. I can remember all of it, but I have to try hard. The hunting, shooting, and reloading comes easy and overshadows the bad stuff.

    You know, I do the same thing with my service. I only remember the good times. I have to think hard to recall the bad ones, and there were plenty. They seem to fade more all the time, and I just remember friends, fun, being young and invincible.

    I'm probably not right, but it sure does make me allot more care free. There is something to be said for just being able to set things aside and move on. Closure for me isn't something that needs to be pursued. It just is. Life is full of trials and troubles, but those good things are so very good and pure that they're easy to hold on to, and have a smell bring them rushing back. I don't think there's any question as to why I'm a gun-nut and don't just look at them as the tools they are. It's all those memories, learning experiences, and positive role models in my life that are associated with guns. When I was a boy I wanted to be like those guys. Now I'm a middle aged man, and I am.
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    My daughter says that Hoppes #9 is her favorite childhood memory, because it meant she had been shooting guns and dad was letting her clean guns with him afterward.

    She also said is she could get it in a perfume, she would, and boys that didn't love the smell need not apply

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    Usually to bed shortly thereafter. I clean my guns after the wife and kids go to bed so there are no distractions. After a range session of 300-500 rounds using 8 or 9 firearms, I'm usually up for a while and getting to bed late.
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