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1000s of words in the language and the best one for Star Wars III is "awful!"

This is a discussion on 1000s of words in the language and the best one for Star Wars III is "awful!" within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm not saying you're wrong, just that sometimes it's fun to just believe ya know?...

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Thread: 1000s of words in the language and the best one for Star Wars III is "awful!"

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    I'm not saying you're wrong, just that sometimes it's fun to just believe ya know?

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    I saw this thread and only one thing popped into mind.

    The great steak/chicken/veggie burrito debate.

    This can only end badly. Like attempting to conceal a steak burrito IWB.
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    The movies, all 6 of 'em, were made for kids. The are big fun filled adventure-escapism movies for people 8 to 13. Lucas has said as much. That is why many of the things are as they are.

    Although having Annakin slaughter all the children in the Jedi University was a strange choice if Lucas is telling the truth.

    - they drive around without seatbelts in open-air vehicles that fly, presumably, at speeds at least as high as our cars do, and probably more like our aircraft. And they drive them freehand, even though the traffic layers are three-dimensional around the cityscapes, buzzing in every direction. Yeah, that's plausible.

    - The battle transports that Yoda and others ride in have open sides -- ostensibly mimicking Huey helicopters or something -- and yet when they are traveling at hundreds of miles per hour there is no wind or noise. They simply stand there on a platform inside the vehicle, yet no one falls out on turning, accelerating or decelerating.
    [nerd voice] Force fields! don't you know ANYTHING about force fields? [/nerd voice]

    Seriously, it makes sense that safty features of that type would be standard. As to the driving, Jedi could manage it easily. Others would rely on computer nav-comps to avoid collisions and such.

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    I'm going to take the Carlos Mencia Route on this one.

    "I'm tired off people saying the new star wars sucked. "
    "You Probably saw EP 4,5,6 when you where ten"


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    Lucas can't write a love scene to save his life. The action was decent. This coming from an original trilogy nut.

    Although, in II, it was really cool to see the red hologram schematic of the Death Star. Gave me goosebumps, as it was the first major visual definitive tie between the original movies and the prequel trilogy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by '75scout View Post
    and I absolutely hate seeing guys dual wield Beretta 92s or 1911s and shoot in 2 different directions and actually hit the BGs.
    You mean you can't do that? While diving?

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    I've never been interested in any of the movies. Last year though I had the opportunity to do some custom leather, i.e., gun belts, holsters, rifle sling, and vest, for a young girl who was dressing up as one of the characters from Episode I. I quickly learned, too, how detailed some of these folks want to be in their reenactment. Needless to say, the father was a royal pain through the whole process. The end result though was the young girl won first place in the costume contest for the younger division and placed second overall.

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    They've got all this hi tech and the force, yet no one has thought of ejection seats, parachutes, escape pods, etc.

    But if I could have a blaster and a light saber...

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    I liked the way every time the lightsabers hit something, they just sliced right through it, whether it was wall, railing, floor, droid, or whatever. One of the better effects in the film.

    I have to wonder about ray weapons that fire bolts of energy that move slowly enough that you can see the beginning and end of them, though. But if you're trying to survive a blaster-fight, it sure helps to be able to dodge light!

    There did seem to be a great disparity between the efficacy of various handheld blasters. Jango Fett's seemed to be able to do a lot more damage than just about anyone else's... Was his a custom?

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    I tried to like the new Star Wars movies but...

    There is not try. Only do - or do not.

    Well, I couldn't. Love the original three from when I was a kid. Can take or leave the new ones.

    My kids love all six ;-) so perhaps we view things differently as adults... Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

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