Off the wall ramblings from an old man

Off the wall ramblings from an old man

This is a discussion on Off the wall ramblings from an old man within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, not that old, only 38. Was just thinking, just spoke with a friend and I mentioned that I am in the process of building ...

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Thread: Off the wall ramblings from an old man

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    Off the wall ramblings from an old man

    Well, not that old, only 38.

    Was just thinking, just spoke with a friend and I mentioned that I am in the process of building my AR-15 SBR before the dems in the state of Oregon make them illegal. I will admit that I'm running scared, not on the federal level right now but on the state level. Our pols come back to session in January so my time may be limited.

    Anyway, he mentioned that I had just spent 2,200 on building the .308, about $400 so far on ammo (with more on the way), and now I'm building the AR and I have a group buy in the works for yet another .45.

    He then asked a very stupid question... why?

    I couldn't answer so I thought about it, and this is what I came up with:

    When I was growing up my father had two 1957 cars and had two more that he was rebuilding. He spent godly amounts of money on them, searched the mags and the swap shows for parts (no internet back then), and spent hours in the garage doing this or that.

    I and my mother didn't understand when the electric bill, phone bill (back then it was ma bell and that was it), propane bill came in and he would hit the ceiling if it was too high, that he would make us kids (me at the time) to stop begging for high price niki's and settle for rebox or whatever was on sale.

    Then, I started to get interested in firearms. I got interested in them first and then realized what the 2nd was and how it was in danger. So I started to collect, to "horde", to get as many as I could before I couldn't any longer.

    Now, I've turned from a horder into a collector. I think nothing in getting what I want, no matter the cost (bills are paid, food is bought, etc... plus I'm single, no one else needs to depend on me). I will easily drop $400 bucks on that AR upper I need (want?), $500 for the Colt, etc.. but will buy clothes and such if they are on sale, and in quanity.

    As cars were my fathers hobby, firearms are mine. I try to keep my bills to a minimum but will let go of the screamin' lincoln if I find something that I want.

    I will say this for the libs and the dems, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have half of what I have. When Clinton said that he would sign the AWB, I got a Tec-9 and a few others. Now since the AWB is gone (for the time being) it gave me some time to get my AR and build my .308 SBR. Now since the dems (in Oregon anyway) have total control, I've had to push up my AR-15 SBR build as well as try to get as much as I can.

    So, there is something thankful that I can say about them (libs/dems), without their pushing, I wouldn't be doing as much as I am now.

    I have also became a life member of the NRA, next will be the JPFO and then the GOA.

    I also have people like Chris (P95) to thank. He went through what we may if we are not careful and I delight in his pictures of the firearms that he shows. After losing so much, he moved here and has gained alot more. Not just in firearms but in freedom. He inspires me to not take for granted what he worked so hard to achieve.

    So, this is the end of the ramblings from an "old man".


    (and no, not been drinking, just thinking, I don't know which is worse for me ).

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    Wayne, I don't think you have anything to explain to anyone. You've found a hobby, something that you enjoy. And it's not a destructive one, since you aren't depriving a family of food, etc. You seem to have your priorities well in hand. Since you're still relatively young, I would recommend one thing. Be sure that you have a retirement plan set up, with regular contributions. I'm now at the advanced age of 54, and I can see that big 65 coming up faster than I could ever have imagined. Compound interest works best with time. I did not have the wisdom to heed my words, so I am trying to catch up. Ok, I did marry a rich woman, but I do want to contribute. I wouldn't just leave it up to 401K. They're great. but adding to it with savings or investments will help. But, once again, I think that you've done well. When someone asks why, the answer is "why not?". Best wishes.

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