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    Dumb Criminal
    Retha Colclasure KFYRTV

    Bismarck police have solved at least one part of the case of the missing golf cart. And thanks to what you might call a criminal with a lack of foresight, they might soon find the culprit. Someone in the 1100 block of East Bismarck Expressway reported the theft of a golf cart. When police arrived, it was pretty easy to find. They simply followed the tracks left in the snow. The golf cart was parked right next to a mobile home in the Skyway Trailer Park nearby.
    I love it when criminals make it easy.
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    There is something about snow that fortunately seems to bring out the "dumb" in some criminals.

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    LOL i once recovered the safe from a grocery store burglery basicly the same way , trailed the wheel tracks of the hand pushed dolly the thieves used to transport it for about 6 blocks .
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    Had a van wreck in the snow on I-70, four people killed. Was packed full of illegals. Driver takes off on foot.

    Where are you gonna go on foot in the high country of Colorado, when it's barely above zero and snowing? Last I heard the CSP was tracking his footprints in the snow... I assume they either caught him or he froze.

    Fine by me either way.
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    when I was a kid someone stole my bike in the snow, but my parents wouldnt let me out of the yard to go find it......

    I was one mad kid.....
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