As fellow members have noticed I, and my family, are very into sports. From youth sports to pro. We always here about rude/bad fans, screwed up parents, bad behaviour from pro athletes. I have witnessed some of the best and worse at every level. I was at this game they talk about in the article and it was a truly uplifting experience.

Cherish Those Special Sports Moment! ?Every Little Thing, Gonna Be Alright!? - Jim Derochea's Blog - Stoughton, MA Patch

The lyrics are purposefully and dually emblematic of his (Victorino) personality and of his message to Bostonians. It is his anthem and also his message of support and encouragement to the people of Boston after the tragedy surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings. And by singing it loud & clear each time Shane comes to bat is Boston’s way of thanking Victorino for the gesture and more importantly, it’s Boston’s way of announcing to the world that despite those tragic events, “every little thing, Gonna be alright!” That’s what makes it so special. That’s what sent a bolt of shivering tingles up and down my spine the first time I witnessed it in person. It’s symbolically bigger than the game of baseball. It’s about life and persevering! Long after this season is over, that surreal, electric moment of hearing 38,000 fans belt out to the world that every thing is going to be ok, will stick with me forever! Forever!!!