299 Days

299 Days

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Thread: 299 Days

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    299 Days

    A while back we had a thread that focused on "preppers" around here. Not to drudge up the thread, but it showed me that there's a healthy number of people around here that are planning for a possible rough time ahead. As such, I thought I'd mention this book series. Most in the "prepping community" have been aware of it for a while. I first saw the books a while back but didn't jump in and buy due to some people complaining it was really just 1 book chopped up to be sold in a series. Eventually I figured out that if the books were sold as one book it would be about three feet thick and that it really was a series of books and not one long work. So I decided to buy the first one.

    That was about 5 days ago. Now I am just about to start the third book in the series. It is a well thought out story that is more in line with what a lot of us think could actually happen than most fiction in the "End of the World As We Know It" realm. The main character is based on the author and the first book details his life and what got him into prepping. From there the inevitable collapse takes place. Since I'm not even close to the end of the series I can't speak as to how it will turn out, but it has been great so far. And as I've learned from other books, fiction can do a lot to show you holes in your own preps and help you see things you hadn't yet thought about.

    If prepping is your thing, I highly recommend the series. If you're on the fence and think the preppers are nuts for thinking the world will suddenly just go into a nose dive, give it a read. The scenario in this book is much more likely, in my opinion, than what you see in some books such as Patriots.
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    I'll check out the reviews. Thanks.

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    Until I put 2 and 2 together by looking at the 299 in the Title line I thought the OP was gonna tell us about the SURVIVALIST Series by Jerry Ahern. There were like 22 books in that series. I read them for awhile. To this day a pair of Detonic's 45s are always floating around amid the gears and cracked cogs of my mind.

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