This is so have to watch, especially if you have a little boy.

This is so have to watch, especially if you have a little boy.

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Thread: This is so have to watch, especially if you have a little boy.

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    This is so have to watch, especially if you have a little boy.

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    What a ham!
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    Too cute! -- Looking at it through Grandma eyes...........
    Getting old was not on my list of "things to do" in the Golden Years!


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    If my boy did that, I'd run up to the stage and high 5 him.
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    That's a riot, she should have let him finish. Thanks for posting it.
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    We bought my oldest daughter some Punky Bruster underwear when see was 3 I guess. She called her punkin rooster and showed everybody her punkin roster underwear at church. Fast forward 20 years me and my wife started over we have a 16 year old Daughter and a 10 year old son. When my son was 5 he was sitting out in big Church with use instead of going to children Church. He go fidgety and I took him back to the SS rooms.Little booger could out run me then and I heard him run up stairs. By the time I got up there he was in the Baptistry waving at everyone while the Preacher was preaching. I stood there and told him boy you better come here,but he just went to the other side. I walked to the other side the back way so no one could see me and he was back in the middle waving at everybody. Now I thought it was so funny. By the time I got him and went down stairs My Wife was standing there with that look on here face ( all you married guys know what I'm talking about). We left church early and when we went back that evening everybody was talking about it and laughing untill tears ran out of their eyes. Oh yeah I forgot we were vistors at that church. It is still funny to this day.
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    Thanks for posting this Mrs. Jean L.

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    That boy's accent was awesome. If he was wearing suspenders I bet he would've had his thumbs hooked on 'em.

    And I agree with Sister - Why'd she have to cut him off?
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    That kid was pretty funny.
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