The new school year started and the grade school teacher wanted some students to tell a brief story about summer vacation. Several students eagerly raised their hands including Little Johnny. The teacher asked Alice to tell a story.

- "We took a trip to the Grand Canyon during vacation" Alice said. "We rode donkeys down a steep trail to the bottom of the canyon, it was fun."

The teacher asked for another volunteer, several students eagerly raised their hands including little Johnny. She was afraid to call on little Johnny because he swore a lot in last years classroom. The teacher chose Fred to tell a story.

- "My Dad and I went on a fishing trip way out in the country. We stopped at a small pond, I cast my lure into the pond and caught the biggest trout We'd ever seen! We started a campfire and cooked the trout, it was great!" Fred reported.

- "That nice Fred, now how about another volunteer". Several students were waving their hands. The teacher felt sorry for Little Johnny and wanted to give him another chance.

- "My Dad and I went on a deer hunting trip. We saw a huge 18 point buck in the field, my Dad aimed and shot it right in the a$$" Little Johnny said.

The teacher was mad:

- "Johnny you mean rectum" she said.
- "Rectum, you bet it rectum, shot his balls clean off."