Car wreck today, interesting CHL note

Car wreck today, interesting CHL note

This is a discussion on Car wreck today, interesting CHL note within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So today, I was taking my younger brother out to finish his Christmas shopping, like stuff for the parents since he doesn't drive yet. It ...

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Thread: Car wreck today, interesting CHL note

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    Car wreck today, interesting CHL note

    So today, I was taking my younger brother out to finish his Christmas shopping, like stuff for the parents since he doesn't drive yet. It was raining, I wasn't paying as much attention to the road as I should have, and I read ended a SUV. All three people involved are ok, the vehicles are both driveable although need some body work, but a witness called the police, and an officer showed up. The officer starts walkin towards us and in Ohio there is a duty to inform LEO when carrying, and it is tied into the driver's liscense, so they would find out anyway, but whatever. So I walk towards the officer with my hands in plain sight and calmly say "Sir, I have a Concealed Handgun Liscense, and my weapon is on my hip at my 3:00."

    The other driver who actually is an avid shooter took a step back when he heard me say that, he was just surprised. And the officer looked at me wierd for a second and said "What? Where is your weapon?" I repeated that is was on my hip at my 3:00 and he told me to secure it in the vehicle while he watched. I'm sure this was all a bit of a shock to him, because I am only 21, and in the suburban area the wreck he probably doesnt encounter CHL holders all that often, anyways, I don't know what he expected to see me pull out of a holster, but from the look on his face it wasn't a parkerized .45 1911A1 . I did the best I could to stay with my hands in his view while using the car and door to shield the weapon from passing motorists, locked it up, and then handled all the paperwork.

    On my citation (the wreck was my fault, no way around that), he commented that I was very polite. And he thanked me before I left for informing him, so I don't know if people forget sometimes or what. Anyways, being in a wreck always sucks, but it was my first encounter with LEO while carrying (hopefully one of the few I will have), and it was interesting to see how the LEO reacted to it.
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    Thanked you 'cause a suprise(gun) is not fun. Glad to here you were treated right. Be careful driving .
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    In this case I would have handed him my DL & CWL at the same time, as he looks at them a light bulb will go on, but not in any kind of threatening manner, like if you said the word gun(automatic threat)
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    You handled right as far as I'm concerned.In Oregon they also tie your chl to your drivers license and car registration The first thing a LEO will ask you is if you are armed and where it's at. Although I don't think they'll ask you to remove it and put in a vehicle, as that would violate another law. Having a loaded weapon in your vehicle.

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    In Washington when they pull up your Licence and vehicle registration they are notified that you have a cpl, It is not a requirement in Washington to tell LEO, as amatter a fact they prefer that you do not.

    I was stopped a few years back because I had a burnt out taillight.
    The first thing the LEO asked was if I was carrying, I said Yes all the time, He just said ok, then told me why he stopped me and gave me a warning to get it fixed.

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    Sounds to me like you handled it right. Better yet you left him with a favorable impression of a responsible CCW person your age.

    Glad no one was hurt, watch that following distance!
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    My Approach...

    may seem a little different. I do respect LEO's, and I expect them to 'respect' my right to carry.

    If when stopped...never have been... (but had some LE contact during an investigation of a car burglary), I don't feel like I have to be nervous, or overly cautious because I have a sidearm.

    It was, in my case, a matter-of-fact info. I don't think I have to raise my arms, seem unsure what to do (Wow, you stopped me...I'm armed...Now what?).

    I don't feel a need to announce that I have a Kimber Ultra in .45 caliber on my right do you want me to proceed?

    In my contact, I casually walked up to the officer and thanked him for answering my call, talked a little about what happened and said, "Sir, you probably would want to know that I'm legally armed." He said, "I appreciate you telling me, thanks!" He never mentioned it again during that 'stop for info."

    It is interesting to note that five days later, while tailing suspects who WERE obviously casing out our neighborhood (I was on the phone with 911...), three police cars arrived to 'say hello to the suspects' (another story). One of the cops got out and (I didn't recognize him from the previous incident) I again stated that I was legally armed, and he said, "I know that, but thanks anyway, I was the guy who interviewed you last Monday!"

    Neither time was I asked for a permit, the cop was extremely friendly, and I didn't feel like I had to announce more than 'general information'.

    Also, being in Florida, I think that most LEO's down here are more tuned into what a CCW means in terms of who the GG's should be...

    OMO...your opinion may vary!

    Sorry about your accident...gotta' watch those quick stops...but you know that now, don't you?

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    In Texas, we're required to produce our Concealed Handgun License when asked to produce a Driver's License. As in other states, it will show up anyway when the DL is run.

    I've had two occasions to produce mine, both times to state Department of Public Safety (highway patrol) officers, and the only thing asked was where I had my weapon. No big deal to them one way or another. I expect it's pretty common in these parts.
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    Sorry 'bout your accident...

    Sounds like you did just fine!

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