Letter sent home with child

Letter sent home with child

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Thread: Letter sent home with child

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    Talking Letter sent home with child

    While this is a joke, it certainly does bare a scary resemblance to reality in some cases.

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    Well - I am sure there are and have been teachers who are ill informed and basically of limited use!! I experienced one in 2nd or 3rd grade!!

    More important if this were fact - would be a teacher being so pig headed as to not check facts, in case they were actually wrong. Those are the teachers who will teach black is white.!

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    3rd paragraph: "Please ensure your son's assimilation. Submit to the state. We do not teach facts...we teach what we believe to be true"

    I would take this letter, call a meeting with the principal...with a member of the school board present and jump in this teacher's a$$. I'm a victim of my experience with my kids teachers, and I may be projecting here--but if the teacher is factually wrong, and reprimands my son for correcting him, the teach and I will have a face to face, followed by an apology.

    However, not knowing this teacher's personality (and from this letter, I don't want to), this sounds like a teaching point for your son. Case in point--my son told me he corrected his teacher on how she was teaching a math problem. After he explained the situation, I explained to him that the teacher was correct--there was more than one way to get the same result. After I showed him how both he and the teacher we correct, he apoligized to the teacher.

    Turns out my son's teacher last year was very adamant that her way was the only correct way...

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    Mr. Hilliker,

    Thank you for you letter. I am always interested in my child's education, and encourage you to contact me at any time. I will take advantage of your imbecilic response to his very appropriate actions to demonstrate the principal of oppression to Alex.

    I am raising my children with the intent of making them intellegent, productive members of society, not sheep.

    In the future, you would be better off checking your 'facts' when questioned, rather than expecting my child to accept false information without question.
    I run into this type of thing occasionally with my children's teachers.

    I've had science teachers who teach theory as fact. Just this year one of my daughter's teachers told her that it's a proven fact that animals don't have feelings. Anyone here (who has ever had a pet) believe that?

    I've had math teachers who want my children to come up with the answer 'unsolvable' to an equation that is not. Just because the child (and perhaps the teacher) doesn't know the correct process to solve an equation doesn't make it 'unsolvable'!
    Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. It's worth it.

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    I've got a problem right now with my daughter's teachers pushing this Kwanzaa garbage. I'm fixing to have a sit down with them.
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    Way back (in the '70s) one of the fathers in my unit got a letter from his son's teacher. She had asked what parents did for at work and this guy's son answered "My dad takes apart bombs and protects the President."

    The letter requested that the father talk to the son about the difference between fantasy and reality.

    Dad took the following day off and went to talk to the teacher!

    Sometimes the truth is more fun than fiction!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by my2cents View Post
    I've got a problem right now with my daughter's teachers pushing this Kwanzaa garbage. I'm fixing to have a sit down with them.
    Don't start me on that, every time I heard happy holidays I replied that it's Merry Christmas not HH.
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    Jeez, don't get me started on this one.

    The truth really doesn't matter anymore. I'm told by my elders that it did once, and I hope that's right. Maybe it will in the future.

    It's not just schools that do that, either. Any large organization will enforce groupthink/party line mentality, punishing any criticism. We do this at our very great peril, because the consequences are very, very scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raysheen View Post
    While this is a joke...
    Snopes says "Undetermined"


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    "... but your son refused to beLIEve what I told him."

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    It would be time to change schools had that really happened....
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    If the above letter shocked you, those of you with children just might want to review your childrens history books. Some downplay the cecond amendment, some actually teach that it is not an individual right. Parents need to stay involved in what is being taught at school.

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