Stephen Hunter Movie In The Works

Stephen Hunter Movie In The Works

This is a discussion on Stephen Hunter Movie In The Works within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; For you fans of Stephen Hunter, the film adaptation of his novel Point of Impact is due to be released in Summer, 2007. The film's ...

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Thread: Stephen Hunter Movie In The Works

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    Stephen Hunter Movie In The Works

    For you fans of Stephen Hunter, the film adaptation of his novel Point of Impact is due to be released in Summer, 2007.

    The film's title is Shooter and stars Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger, AKA "Bob The Nailer".

    If the movie follows the book, it should be a good one.

    More info here"

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    Good trailer. Besides, I like Marky Mark
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    I love the books; this is a movie I will go see! Thanks for the heads up Captain C!!
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    Looks pretty good. I've never heard of Stephen Hunter or his book(s), but I'll catch this. Especially if it's directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Tears of the Sun).

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    Good deal. I've got them all, and just finsihed re-reading "The Day Before Midnight"

    Well I jsut watched the trailer, I'm not impressed. Looks like they modernized it a little too much and as is the way of Hollywood I fear they have butchered the novel...

    A good example of butchering a novel is "Man On Fire." The book was freakin awesome, however the movie wasn't all that bad, but toatally different.
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    I love Hunter's books, especially Pale Horse Coming and Dirty White Boys. I'm sure the movie won't be anywhere near as good as the books (the movies never are) but I'll probably see it anyway. Thanks for the "heads up."

    For those who haven't read his books, I highly recommend them. Start with Hot Springs and go from there.
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    Looks like a good movie. I have not read the books but now I want to.

    I, like many of you, find that Hollywood rarely makes a good adaptation of a really good book. For example, the Tom Clancey books were some of my favorites. But the movies, except "The Hunt for Rad October" were horrible and in many instances did not follow the books plot well at all.

    But, since I have not read the books I will wait to read them until after I have seen this movie. That way, if the book is better than the movie (pretty much a given) I will enjoy them both.

    Mark Wahlberg is a favorite of mine too. And his brother, Donnie I think, did an outstanding job in Band of Brothers on HBO. I was very surprised by his performance.
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    Hunter's books are fantastic, but Hollywood could tear up an anvil with a screwdriver. I may see the movie eventually, but I don't expect to recognize the book in it. I would prefer that BBC do a Masterpiece Theater production of it. Then when you watched it the book would be mostly intact. I realize that you can't put a novel into a two hour movie, but why buy the rights to a novel when the only thing that will not be changed is the name of some of the characters?

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    Hunter's day job earned him a Pulitzer as a movie reviewer. His books are written in a fashion that would easily translate to film. I bet hollywood still finds a way to mess them up.
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    I've read most of the books....most of which are based around the Mt.Magazine area that I can see from my house. I'll have to check it out.
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    I've never read Stephen Hunter, perhaps a trip to the library is in order.
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