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Thread: Nannites/Nanobots

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    Anyone familiar knows this is kind of huge. A programmable robot that can function inside of a living body.

    Tiny, Logical Robots Injected into Cockroaches

    ...from article- "Such tiny robots could do everything from target tumors to repair tissue damage." To being used for warfare.

    only being the first and most obvious nefarious use. Of course their possible beneficial uses are staggering as well.

    this article is a tad headier than I can digest quickly, but their using organic material, not metallic. Kind of figured metal would never work, was expecting polymers. Crazy.
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    All nanobots for use in biological systems will have to be a combination or organic/non-organic. Since the processes in the body are organic, the bot will need an organic interface to work with the body. It is much more efficient to use the processes that exist instead of trying to by pass them and do it in a completely new way. I do expect that within 10-15 years the first insulin producing nanobots will be used in people. They could also be used to help prevent and treat alzheimer's. For the most part they will need to be very targeted to do one specific task over and over instead of more the generic type of bot.
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    I got as far as "injected' and stopped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by From the article
    building tiny robots that can respond to chemical cues and operate inside a living animal. More than that, they can operate as logic gates, essentially acting as real computers.
    Interesting. Targeted processing, or transport. If they can nail this, they might be able to mimic certain "keys" to enter/exit cells ... nano viruses of sorts.

    Of course, someone will blow it in some way, either deliberately or mistakenly, and it'll surely be an impossibility to contain. Think: Andromeda Strain.

    Cool job title for a few years from now: Nano Bio-Genetic Engineer. Might be in high demand.
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    So might bravo sierra engineers be in high demand.
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    This is actually very cool stuff, with a lot of research being funded by the DoD. I did some work for one of these companies about a decade ago. The things they were doing then were cool, so I would have to believe that there have been some amazing advancements since then. One potential application mentioned back then was spinal cord repair to allow people with certain injuries to walk again. That would be amazing. Diabetes and autoimmune disease treatment were two other areas. Back then this scientist felt that we would see commercial applications and medical use in 20-25 years, so 10-15 years (as OutWestSystems mentioned) certainly seems realistic.
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    We perceive technological advance to be linear, but it is more of a bell curve. We are approaching the part of the curve that goes up at a rapid rate - instead of amazing new ideas over years or decades, they will be coming at us in a barrage of new medical and scientific breakthroughs. At some point we must begin to ask not just "can we?", but "should we?" Hold onto your seats - the future is going to get interesting.
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    Bell curve? I expect more like s-curves.

    Might be time to learn how to program a VCR.

    Wait. What's a VCR?

    edit: this was why I was so, so excited by my toolshed link in my signature. It opens up an entirely new paradigm of technological innovation that's going to end up creating millions (or billions, or more) in new wealth. And, like I said, it's a new paradigm
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