Three cheers for the west

Three cheers for the west

This is a discussion on Three cheers for the west within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I got this in an e-mail, don't know if it's true, but sure sounds about right to me. Subject: Denver Storms THINK ABOUT THIS FOR ...

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Thread: Three cheers for the west

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    Three cheers for the west

    I got this in an e-mail, don't know if it's true, but sure sounds about right to me.

    Subject: Denver Storms


    Denver Post:

    This text is from a county emergency manager out in the central part of Colorado after todays snowstorm.


    Up here, in the Northern Plains, we just recovered from a Historic event--- may I even say a "Weather Event" of "Biblical Proportions" --- with a historic blizzard of up to 44" inches of snow and winds to 90 MPH that broke trees in half, knocked down utility poles, stranded hundreds of motorists in lethal snow banks, closed ALL roads, isolated scores of communities and cut power to 10's of thousands.


    George Bush did not come.

    FEMA did nothing.

    No one howled for the government.

    No one blamed the government.

    N o one even uttered an expletive on TV .

    Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton did not visit.

    Our Mayor did not blame Bush or anyone else.

    Our Governor did not blame Bush or anyone else, either.

    CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC did not visit - or report on this category 5 snowstorm. Nobody demanded $2,000 debit cards.

    No one asked for a FEMA Trailer House.

    No one looted.

    Nobody - I mean Nobody demanded the government do something.

    Nobody expected the government to do anything, either.

    No Larry King, No Bill O'Rielly, No Oprah, No Chris Mathews and No Geraldo Rivera.

    No Shaun Penn, No Barbara Striesand, No Hollywood types to be found.

    Nope, we just melted the snow for water.

    Sent out caravans of SUV's to pluck people out of snow engulfed cars.

    The truck drivers pulled people out of snow banks and didn't ask for a penny.

    Local restaurants made food and the police and fire departments delivered it to the snowbound families.

    Families took in the stranded people - total strangers.

    We fired up wood stoves, broke out coal oil lanterns or Coleman lanterns.

    We put on extra layers of clothes because up here it is "Work or Die".

    We did not wait for some affirmative action government to get us out of a mess created by being immobilized by a welfare program that trades votes for 'sittin at home' checks.

    Even though a Category "5" blizzard of this scale has never fallen this early, we know it can happen and how to deal with it ourselves.

    "In my many travels, I have noticed that once one gets north of about 48 degrees North Latitude, 90% of the world's social problems evaporate."

    It does seem that way, at least to me.

    I hope this gets passed on.

    Maybe SOME people will get the message. The world does Not owe some a living.

    In addition to this being written, Denver received another 2 feet of snow on 12-29-06
    "fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen." [Warren v. District of Columbia,(D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981)]
    If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand

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    Nobody demanded $2,000 debit cards.
    Wait!!!! I want one that will buy the AR I have been wanting!!! just send mine to Michigan, where it has been in the mid 40's all winter.
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century

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    I believe it, Co. people took care of themselves. My sister had to dig out in Taos NM too.
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    To some of us, taking care of onself is the natural order of things.

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    Well, I've survived blizzards, including two similar to the one you just experienced and hurricanes up to strong cat 4. There's no comparing them. I'd rather ride out the blizzard. Many of us in hurricane zones are prepared to care for ourselves. New Orleans was a mess before the storms hit!
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    Nasty World...

    Too many people are always willing to blame everyone else for their problems or misfortunes...and always expect someone else to pay the bill or give them a 'free ride'...

    I see an entire generation of young people with this attitude...every day...

    Stay armed...stay a good example of someone who can take responsibility for his/her own actions, and work hard for what you want!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Self reliance is the phrase of the day. Take care of your own because no one else is looking out for them.

    That's a great email. I may copy it and send it on.
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    I'll add:

    Nobody confiscated any weapons.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

    Guns Save Lives. Paramedics Save Lives. But...
    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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    Does this mean the government can't solve all of our problems! Hmmmm, there's gonna be a lot of disappointed liberals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    Does this mean the government can't solve all of our problems! Hmmmm, there's gonna be a lot of disappointed liberals!
    I want the government to fix our snow situation in Minnesota! We have only 1 inch of snow on the ground. They should ship half the snow from CO to us so we can use our snowmobiles!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    I reckon nobody pooped on the sidewalk either.
    Whatever doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable.

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    According to Snopes, this e-mail has been making the rounds for a while...from several different states...

    "I surrounded 'em"- Alvin York

    "They're ain't many troubles that a man can't fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six"- Jeff Cooper

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    Though it may be untrue, there was still apparently no reason for Sharpton or Jackson to pay a visit. :shrug:
    Whatever doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable.

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    The event may not be true, but the responses are more likely than not true. It's a good read. People just don't seem to notice that when the government politicians get involved, things just get worse.
    eschew obfuscation

    The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. SgtD

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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperKnight View Post
    The event may not be true.
    we had 2' of snow in our diveway and 3'-4' drifts in the street.
    i had to walk a mile or so to get a plow so we could get out of the culdisack. no city plows showed up untill 3:30. and they made one lane. cars were getting stuck all over. everyone was helping each other get out, get to the store for food.those with four wheel drive were getting hospital staff to work, delivering food to the elderly. it has been great to see so many good people. there was very little crime that came out of the storm. i had also recieved that email .
    we are still dealing with ALOT of snow. we just got another 6" yesterday. more snow to come next week. i love it.
    that is why i live here. no complaints. the citys did the best they could do. my hat off to all of those guys.
    "Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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