3 man fire team

3 man fire team

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Thread: 3 man fire team

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    Question 3 man fire team

    Has anyone here heard of the 3 man fire team postulated by someone named Tire Iron?

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    A "fire team" can be two or more. I've never heard of three being a magical number. Usually a squad consists of smaller fire teams who work well together when the whole squad isn't involved in something, but it can be a fairly arbitrary term.
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    When I joined the Marine Corps (1970), the 3-man fire team was the smallest operational unit. It was comprised of 2 riflemen & 1 automatic rifleman. 4 fire teams to a squad and a squad leader.
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    No, I've heard of a 4 man fire team.
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    Carlos Hathcock was often a one-man team, which is why his "official" kill score isn't much higher. No witness, no kill. Too bad the VC didn't know that.
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    My Brother a Marine Forward Air Controller (2Nd ANGLICO) was part of a F A C team.... The Foward Air Controller, 2 Riflemen, 1 commander, and 1 M249 gunner. total 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by NONAME762 View Post
    Has anyone here heard of the 3 man fire team postulated by someone named Tire Iron?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    That is awesome! While the CQB tactics may be copy and pasted from sound sources, you cant pass the GI Joe and cardboard box models. You also gotta dig the premise: riot breaks out in seconds on a family outing with your other amateur operator friends with whom you regularly train room clearing and have written SOP's. All the shops closed on your way back to the car, but you missed the memo.

    Now, you, your buddies with their Glocks, weapon lights (riots happen at night), andflex cuffs have to break in to a building. The owners did get the memo and bugged out. You cant make it back to the place you just left because everyone either bugged out or became rioting zombies in the last 120 seconds.

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