Murder suspect out on bond...

Murder suspect out on bond...

This is a discussion on Murder suspect out on bond... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; ... is now suspected of home invasions. This article blames a particular, now retired judge: Why was accused home invasion suspect out on bond for ...

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Thread: Murder suspect out on bond...

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    Murder suspect out on bond...

    ... is now suspected of home invasions.

    This article blames a particular, now retired judge: Why was accused home invasion suspect out on bond for murder cha - - Columbia, South Carolina |

    While there are judges like this around the country, I blame "the people;" you and me. Oh sure, this one happened in Wisconsin... doesn't affect me...

    We have got to be willing to spend more money on prisons to house more criminals. We have to quit incarcerating non-violent criminals. And we have to quit mollycoddling violent criminals.

    Cruel and unusual punishment must be defined in stone. Those who wish to "level the playing field" through the redistribution of wealth would be better served by lowering the living standard of the criminal class, and using those funds to redistribute.
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    I can't believe they let this psycho out on paying only 10% on a 50K bond. At least they posted his photo so I might recognize him if I see him.

    Prison has become a comfy retreat where the dirtbag gains 'cred', while getting back in shape, getting free room and board and catching up on free healthcare.

    Bring back the chain gangs. Work 'em until the last place they ever want to go is prison. Prison needs to be cruel and unusual.
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    Bring back Capital Punishment like it used to be 150-200 years ago. Found guilty of murder. Git a rope. Hanging at high noon the next day.
    I'm just a spoke in the wheel but not a big deal.
    America...a Constitutional Republic. NOT a democracy as the liberals would have us believe.
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    Released prisoners like this should be housed near the judge that releases them. Maybe have the judge house them in his/her basement. I mean if he thinks they are safe to set upon society let him/her put their money where their mouth, er, gavel is.
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