Signs of the Colorado Ruling Class

Signs of the Colorado Ruling Class

This is a discussion on Signs of the Colorado Ruling Class within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, it appear that in Colorado, rank has its privileges. You and I are down a rung from our "betters" in the 911 call response ...

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Thread: Signs of the Colorado Ruling Class

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    Signs of the Colorado Ruling Class

    Well, it appear that in Colorado, rank has its privileges. You and I are down a rung from our "betters" in the 911 call response hierarchy.

    "Dignitaries" get enhanced 911 response in wake of new Denver rules - The Denver Post
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    "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's office in October complained about having to wait for more than 35 minutes for a dispatcher to send a patrol unit to respond to a burglary report from the office.

    That incident culminated in the firing of the dispatcher, who contends the mayor's office should have had to wait like everyone else for police resources to become available."

    Unbelievable. Rather than acknowledge that they have a potential resource problem (for which, the mayor is responsible), the mayor has the dispatcher fired and creates a rule that gives himself special privilege. If the citizens let this slide, they deserve what they get.
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    Sounds like the dispatcher was railroaded to me. A scapegoat was needed and she was it. The mere fact that the mayors office waited 3 hours to report the theft tells me the theft was not enough of an emergency to call immediately. If someone was to get fired following the dots leads me to the mayors office not dispatch.

    For the governors part he needs to be recalled or flat kicked out of that position.
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    Reckon they figure everybody else is to stoned to notice. That law is disgusting, just because he is a mayor means nothing. To bad the gun laws are so strict, he may have been able to handle it himself if he were not such a whiny dingle-berry.
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    He has just proven that he is not a servant of the community. This is a game that is played out all over this nation, everyday. IMO it needs to end......

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    Three words for the Mayor.......Tar And Feather!
    Ahhhh, the good ole days of yore.....
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    A proper response:

    Gloria Glidden, a former Denver dispatcher who retired in October, said enhanced service for elected officials didn't exist during her nearly 15 years with the city.

    "Of course, if the mayor's office has something going on that involves threats or bodily harm or a problem that will affect the city in any way or their operation, absolutely you need to send a car," Glidden said. "But I don't think they should come above and beyond what a normal taxpaying citizen asks for in terms of help."

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    Dispatcher should contact a lawyer.
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    I imagine the people will have something to say about this. A "security breach" at the mayor's office is no more serious than the same at a citizen's home.
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    If it's not an ongoing burglary then I can understand why it's not put on the front burner. I'm sure dispatch is a triage- like situation. If the stuff is gone, it'll still be gone in 35 minutes. Situations where a person's life is in danger would come first...unless you consider yourself royalty like this dummy obviously does.

    It would be enough to start a re-call IMO. That's outrageous behavior for a Mayor. I bet that dispatcher gets her job back.
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    It seems that it's good to be king and we, the peasants, should just bow down to our betters and thank them for our continued existence.

    That is ridiculous.

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