What do you make of this? (kind of long)

What do you make of this? (kind of long)

This is a discussion on What do you make of this? (kind of long) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So I went to sleep last night really really tired. As soon as I hit the bed I was out cold. I slept the whole ...

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Thread: What do you make of this? (kind of long)

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    What do you make of this? (kind of long)

    So I went to sleep last night really really tired. As soon as I hit the bed I was out cold. I slept the whole night. I woke up at 7 am to help my wife with the baby so she can take her to her moms. When I went back to sleep I had a dream that I was taking my father to get a new tattoo. It was late and dark and my father said stay in the car I'll be back in a little bit. So I put the music up and started relaxing. I saw to males in my rearview mirror about 50 to 70 feet away. (well that’s what I thought) They didn't look like they where just taking a walk because the weather was nice. So I go to put the music down so that I can see and hear what is going one. When I look up from putting down the music one of the guys smacked my passenger window and the other guy opened my door and had a huge knife in his hand. He grabbed my left hand and I went for my piece only to find out that I didn't have it on ! The guy continued to grab my hand and slice my arm like a turkey, very deep and fine cut. I grabbed my knife and smashed it into his head and took it from side to side. Some how he got a second huge cut on my arm and I got away from the car. Ran inside and searched running up and down stairs, in and out of rooms and finally found my dad talking about getting the word "FIGHT" across his back. Then train blew a horn down the way in my neighborhood and I woke up from the dream with a sweet. Man I woke up and as soon as I got dressed I put on my buddy and even wore it to work today. It kind of freaked me out.

    So I know that I made lots of mistakes in the dream and to be truthful I probably wouldn't have made in real life. So has anyone ever had something similar happen? What do you guys think it could be?

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    All it means is CCW is still new to you, it occupies a lot of your thoughts.

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    I went for my piece only to find out that I didn't have it on
    I hope to never experience that - real life or even dream! That is why, despite it sometimes seeming absurd to folks - it is on me all day and every day.

    I think dreams such as this are possible in earlier times of carry - because we are still at the stage where as sixto says, it is quite new and .......... we are probably more likely to to running scenarios thru our minds.
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    I have to ask...

    Are you still smoking those funny cigarettes before you go to bed?

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    I've had the dreams too at first! The whole thing where I go to use my gun, and it jams, or there is no ammo in it . Also woke up in a sweat. I'm sooo glad these went away, because I missed my sleep!

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    I think you need to stop eating mexican food so soon before bed!!
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    I don't know what could have triggered that dream but, if it's not presented as an actual scenario then put your next one into Off Topic & Humor rather than in Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions.

    In fact...I had a dream that I just moved it there.
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    Couple of months ago I had this one where I was trying to kill a ninja for some reason. It was dark and she hadn't seen me, but the chamber was empty so I had to rack the slide and when she heard it she took off. So now I'm chasing this ninja up this winding staircase in some type of tower like you'd see in a castle. I kept shooting but she didn't stop (I think because in the dream I was using 9mm). I never seemed to run out of ammo though and the gun functioned perfectly.

    So the moral of the story...... If you ever need to kill a ninja.....lock and load first?

    Dream ninjas are so annoying. That's the second one I couldn't kill (first time my hatchet was too dull)
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    Dude, lay off the caffeine before bed!
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