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Falling bullets and golden bras.... (Merged)

This is a discussion on Falling bullets and golden bras.... (Merged) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The show actually showed if it was fired perfectly straight up it wouldn't kill someone, but they also stated that if the shooting angle is ...

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Thread: Falling bullets and golden bras.... (Merged)

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    The show actually showed if it was fired perfectly straight up it wouldn't kill someone, but they also stated that if the shooting angle is as little as five degrees less than perfectly straight up it could still have a fatal trajectory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    I haven't seen the episode in a while, but IIRC, they did two tests:

    For test #1 they hooked a high speed fan up to a narrow vertical tube and dropped a bullet in the top end. Then they adjusted the fan speed until they bullet 'hovered' in the middle of the tube. This established the terminal velocity of a falling bullet, which turned out to be pretty slow, ~100 mph I think. Then they rigged up an air gun to fire bullets at 100mph at various stuff and figured that it probably wouldn't kill you.

    The second test was the field one. They went out to a dry lake bed somewhere in California and fired several weapons straight up (with all of the cast and crew tucked safely under bulletproof shields, of course). They managed to find some of the fired bullets in the lake bed and found that they didn't really penetrate that far.

    They acknowledged that bullets fired into the air have killed several people and wounded many more (they even talked to a doctor who treated someone hit by a bullet). However, based on their experiments, they thought that these people probably weren't injured by bullets shot straight into the air (which is the myth they were testing). They theorized that a bullet fired at an angle, rather than straight up, would retain a lot more stability and hence, a lot more of it's initial velocity. One fired straight up would come to a complete stop at the top of it's trajectory and come down tumbling, at a much lower velocity than when it came out of the barrel.

    For not seeing the episode you did an excellent job of reporting the experiment!! I saw the show and don't believe I could of done nearly as well.
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    Woman's bra versus .45 caliber bullet


    Stronger Than a Falling Bullet: Woman's Bra Softens Bullet's Blow
    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — One woman discovered on New Year's Eve that her bra could do more than lift and support when a falling bullet was halted by the bra strap on her left shoulder.

    Debbie Bingham, 46, an Atlanta resident visiting family in St. Petersburg, said her gold-colored bra slowed the falling bullet during the holiday celebrations.

    Her injuries may have been much more severe had it not been for her bra strap, said George Kajtsa, spokesman for the St. Petersburg Police Department.

    Bingham says she was outside with her daughter and son, ringing in the New Year and viewing the local fireworks display when she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder at 11:40 p.m.

    It was Bingham's daughter, Solanda Bingham, 30, who first noticed the blood seeping through her mother's white shirt.

    "We were sitting at the picnic table and listening to music and my mom said, 'Ow,"' the daughter said.

    The daughter said she looked over and saw the blood and shouted "My mother's been shot. My mother's been shot."

    The bullet was halfway inside of Bingham's bra, and the other half barely breaking the skin, Bingham later told WTSP-TV.

    Someone had fired a gun into the air and as the .45-caliber bullet fell back to earth, Bingham was struck. Kajtsa described the wound as a "big scratch with bruising."

    Bingham was taken to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg where she was given five stitches. The bullet was lodged in the bra strap and was cut out by doctors.

    St. Petersburg police are still searching for the shooter to determine if Bingham was the target of the gunfire or if she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kajtsa said.

    Shooting a weapon inside the city limits is a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to one year in jail, Kajtsa said.

    As for Bingham, she said she is just thankful for her bra.

    "It was a very cheap bra. It wasn't very expensive, and I'd love to have a couple more of those bras," she told WTSP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four View Post
    Myth Busters did this and proved that a falling bullet doesn't have enough speed to do any real damage, despite what the misinformed people said in the link.
    This was true for any bullet shot nearly straight up because the bullet stops. They also found that any shot at 45 degrees or less will have drop speed and trajectory speed and could cause damage.

    mass times velocity squared (Straight up and down is max terminal velocity 32 ft per sec)

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    Quote Originally Posted by randytulsa2 View Post
    Blackeagle, I was going to say that those chain mail bikinis were pretty scary. And to me, and my philistine sensibilities, they are.

    But I've started wondering just how you came to find out about'em........
    + 1
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    I guess there is a good reason for the bra.
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    It would take a unique set of circumstances for a bullet to kill someone simply by falling down...it doesn't matter if it was shot out of a gun, gravity plays it's effects, the bullet stops momentarily, then begins to fall back down. IF it went high enough, it will fall at terminal velocity, it cannot fall faster then that.

    To read more on terminal velocity, click here:


    Will it hurt? Yes. Will it bruise, possible cut the skin? More than likely. Will it kill you? More than likely not.

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