Has this ever happened to anyone here?

This is a discussion on Has this ever happened to anyone here? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A few years ago I sold a 12GA Ithaca model 37 Featherlight shotgun to a fellow at a gunshow here in Richmond, VA. I always ...

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Thread: Has this ever happened to anyone here?

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    Has this ever happened to anyone here?

    A few years ago I sold a 12GA Ithaca model 37 Featherlight shotgun to a fellow at a gunshow here in Richmond, VA. I always regretted it since it was an excellent weapon. It was really reliable and I really liked the bottom eject and the abillity to pump off the entire contents of the mag without releasing the trigger.

    So why did I sell it, right?

    Well anyway, I put a Walther P22 up for trade on another forum, and one of the responses I got was an offer of an Ithaca 37, so I jumped at it. Today I met the guy and did the trade and right away I knew that there was something familiar about the gun. The guy tells me that he bought it from a woman at a gunshow in Chantilly, VA a year or so ago. So I take it home and, as is my habit, I entered it into a database I keep of all my weapons and the serial # matches the gun I sold previously, but I had a duplicate receipt (I'll do receipts if someone wants one) for the previous sale and the guy's name didn't match.

    So it has come home. This time to stay.
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    Yeah, but it came directly back to me from the guy who bought it. I regretted selling the gun and after about 6-8 months I asked him if he ever shot the thing. He said no. So I said that was abuse and asked him to sell it back to me, so he did. Nothing as interesting as yours going through multiple hands back to you.
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    nope haven't done that yet

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    That's a rare thing! Come back to papa!

    Ithaca 37 ~ I love mine.

    It's like a good friend & doggone can it crank em out.

    I have the shorter Police/Riot barrel on mine.
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    I keep hoping that S&W 9MM that I sold back to the gunstore because I had to pay returns to me someday. Eventhough I really only believe in .45's I regret selling the pistol because it was in a steel frame. (I prefer heavier pistols.
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    thats wild!
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    Looks like you and that 37 were meant to be.

    Hold on to it this time. You won't get another chance like that.
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