For the first time in my working hard life...I don't have a boss! yea!
I am sort of my own boss.
Well, actually I have 5 "official bosses" but none of them care a "whit" or a "tinkers dam" what I do...or when.
In fact...they have absolutely no idea what I do - or when - or even why I do what I do...or don't do...and they don't want to know.
And...even if they did know...they still wouldn't care.
And I only see them once a year and I put on a coat & tie and I talk to them for 20 minutes & they don't listen to a stinkin' word I say...& they yawn and look really TOTALLY BORED TO TEARS & we have coffee & doughnuts and then we all go home.

Yikes...I have SIX bosses! I fergot about the Desperate Housewife!