Dog the bounty hunter

Dog the bounty hunter

This is a discussion on Dog the bounty hunter within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Ok so what do you think of the DOG? I admit that I watch the show often, but usually it is for a good laugh. ...

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Thread: Dog the bounty hunter

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    Dog the bounty hunter

    Ok so what do you think of the DOG?

    I admit that I watch the show often, but usually it is for a good laugh.

    I always enjoy watching him get hopped up and geared up to capture a "dangerous" person. When he finds the person they always submit immediately and usually lay down on the ground. He then starts to berate them verbally for the sake of the camera and then befriends them on the way to the jail, often offering then a cigarette or water.

    Now I realize that he has probably done a lot of good and I know the kids look up to him. He always denounces drugs and promotes school and law enforcement.

    I do think he took it a little too far when he went to Mexico to capture that rapist. I am glad he got him though. Dog should have expected problems when making a capture in a country with no extradition laws.

    All in all I say he is corny, but pointed in the right direction.

    A guiding light for some and a giggle for others.

    And he doesn't hunt at night... whats up with that?

    I think I enjoyed that show called the Bond Family on HBO better. More real to life I think.
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    I think 1985 called and said they want their mullet back.

    But seriously, I personally and all by myself think he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. YMMV
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    I like the dog!

    I just watched one of his shows

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    Entertainment - if regarded as such IMO! Do I hear sometimes ''pinch of salt''

    Much is for the camera yeah - and I guess why the networks make the series!
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    Seems like a showboat to me. But I guess thats why he is on T.V. wonder what happens if he tried to grab a real bad boy.
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    I think he is a goof, but after watching a few shows I now wear feathers in my hair too.

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    My wife and I watch Dog all the time. Its funny to see him talk to the camera saying he got a report that the feugitive has a gun or weapon, and when they bust down his door or trick him into comming outside, no gun.... not even a kife really..

    I think he really does care about the people he captures but i find it hard to watch him be a hipocrite. You shouldnt promote the Lord and Preach his word one minute, then blurt out obsenities and treat people like crap the next. Then offer a cigerett and be their friend? T.V or not its not something I think is right...
    But thats just my opinion
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    That show is definently a riot.

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    I give the guy credit for turning his life around and praying with his family on TV (how often do you see that nowadays). All of the guys on his team actually. Read their bios from their site. They're really interesting.

    Oh yeah, I love watching the show and get a kick out of his wife's *ahems* (yeah, some of the stuff he does is corny, but overall I think he is doing a good thing)

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    I've flipped by the channel when he was on, and didn't feel the need to stop.

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    I've Only Watched This Show...

    a few times...not planning on any more...pretty corny...
    But hey, it's for TV!

    I believe he makes 2-3 million for a season...not a lot for today's TV/movie industry...but it's a LIVING!

    Corny = $

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    anyone else think beth needs a boob job

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    Don't really watch much TV but this show is not one of the few I watch...
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    This show is a complete joke. I watch it if there's nothing else on, because its hillarious.

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    I watched ONCE. Heard him say, "I'm really glad we don't carry guns, because I would have been justified in shooting that guy."
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