Controversial Topic: Race, Gender and RKBA

Controversial Topic: Race, Gender and RKBA

This is a discussion on Controversial Topic: Race, Gender and RKBA within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Awright, folks, I have conducted my own pretty unscientific survey based on profiles and postings. And what I have discovered is that most of us ...

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Thread: Controversial Topic: Race, Gender and RKBA

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    Controversial Topic: Race, Gender and RKBA

    Awright, folks, I have conducted my own pretty unscientific survey based on profiles and postings.

    And what I have discovered is that most of us here (but by no means all) are white males. Thankfully we're not all just real close to the same age.

    WHY is that, when members of other ethnic groups and members of the fairer sex are far more often crime victims?

    My assumptions, which are apparently flawed, are: (1) that people with the most incentive to arm themselves are more likely to do so; and, (2) people with such an incentive are similarly likely to be members of internet gun boards.

    Are there any other threads on this? Has there been academic research on this, studies or whatnot? Does the NRA or JPFO have light to shed here?

    It could have something to do with access to resources (including information) or traditional gender roles or even (gulp) repression. But, again, I don't know and I'd like to find out more.

    I'd appreciate the thougtful thoughts of anyone on this one, and I don't want to have to explain that one further, 'cause if I do the mods will quite justifiably shut this one down and exile me to less civil boards.

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    Yes, I agree. We are mostly super conservatives, also. And you and I live in the same area. Kind of scary.

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    Randy - I think it is down to one major factor ..... the desire to take responsibility for one's own safety - and that of associated family.

    I'll apply that pretty evenly in fact across the ethnic spectrum too.

    I may be over simplifying but I believe it to be true. It's also outlook as well - sheep vs sheepdog etc.
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    One reason is that white males are still in the majority in the U.S.

    Females don't typically frequent Internet Gun Forums MOSTLY because they have not discovered this particular forum yet.

    People of ALL ethnic groups and persuasions are interested in personal and "Self" protection as well as protecting their respective family members and loved ones.

    We have a lot of members here and I don't know HOW exactly you are jumping to the conclusion that the majority are WHITE since we don't ask...and don't care what Race folks are when they join our forum.

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    The board doesn't (and shouldn't) give a flip one way or the other about the skin tone or chromosome configuration of its members (or visitors, for that matter).

    My "statistical sample" (such as it is) consisted of a few looks at avatars and photos in the profile section.

    If you'd like I can compile a list that divides us all up by avatar or photo or both into categories such as "photos/avatar indicate white", "photos/avatar indicate female", "photos/avatar indicate green skin", "no indicator of ethnicity or gender", etc.

    I'll bet you a case of ammo of your choice that if I do so, the largest (plurality?) single group (if it isn't the majority) that's there is going to be white guys. My guess is that the second largest group (and it will be the first largest group if I am wrong) will be flat-out "can't tells".

    Or, if you like, and if I may be so bold as to suggest, you might try reviewing a few pages of the member directory yourself and see if you think I am wrong.

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    Generalizations are always dangerous. But I think a lot of it has to do with society. Too many minority leaders are anti-gun for reasons of politics and power and I think they influence many others to look at guns as inherently bad. When you only see guns in the hands of criminals and hear supposedly respectable people hammering away about the evils of guns it can skew your perception.
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    This is a very interesting thread. If Randy is correct, and without doing my own investigation, my gut instinct tells me he is, I find it to be disturbingly incongruous.

    For example, I think that seniors are more likely to be at risk then younger males because the predators of sociey perceive seniors as weak and thus easier prey for their criminal acts. For that reason, I woud find it disturbing if we had a significant lack of seniors who did not have permits and were not carrying., which is probably the case.

    I think that if we read the news, at least in my part of Florida, a disporportionate number of minorities are victims of gunshot deaths. And, this does not include the vicims of intergang warfare. I am talking of victims of random drive by shootings, other random acts of violence, and the like.

    Now, this does not necessarily mean that the law abiding minorites don't have permits and don't carry, maybe they do or maybe they don't, but only that they presumably don't join the gun forums in large numbers. But, if either is true, that they don't lawfully carry to protect themselves, and/or don't join the gun forums, I too would be very interested in learning of the dynamic or dynamics that explains this.


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    Now i am white , and frankly think Regan was kinda liberal , but that being said I do think that we as a scicoity are structured to hold " minoritys" down Wellfair , not workfair , or the wpa projects of the 30s , When you couple that with the hold over " Jim Crow " weapons laws , and even the cost of a ccw added to the cost of a self defense firearm for a single mom on fixed income ( be it welfair or working as a waitress in a cafe ) All of america seems structured to having middle aged white men having weapons and carry " rights " . Also when your kids eat " mac and cheese " more than they eat meat , well that computer and internet just waits for a while .

    My thoughts there your mileage may vary .
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    Well Randy, contrary to popular perception, the most common victims of crime (especially violent crime) are males between the ages of 18 and 25. It simply a matter of circumastance really, my peer group tends to be in places that lends itself more to being in places and situations where crime happens. The media is who perpetuates the ideas otherwise, but if you look into it, its young males of all races.

    If you want to get into statistics about victimization rates by race. Whites are victimized the most, simply because there are more of us. A lot of violent crime does stay within race, simply because that tends to be who people are around most. Violent crimes are also most often committed by an acquaintance/relative.

    I am just going of my figures that I learned in class based off of the FBI's UCR and the Census Bureau's NCVS. Hopefully this clears some stuff up for ya though.
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    This is an interesting topic. Here's my two cents:

    I consider myself to be libertarian. Big whoop. More or less conservative by today's standards.... However, I should say that most of my friends who I have gotten into shooting aren't even white, oddly enough. Most are asian. A few black gents. Three or four of the female persuasian. MOST of the people I have gotten into shooting not only are big gun people now, but they have since purchased firearms!!!!

    QK brings up some good points as well. It will be interesting to see where this goes...
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    I would agree that the majority of the members on this board are or seem to be white males. But, that doesn't mean that the majority of the people carrying legally are white males. Just that white males are more likely to frequent this particular internet site.

    But, I also have the gut feeling that, at least in my area and the area I used to live in, white males made up the largest group of CCW holders.

    I can't tell you why that is and I have wondered about it too. I have thought about it but I have never been able to come up with any theory that makes sense.
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