Adapt, improvise, survive.

Adapt, improvise, survive.

This is a discussion on Adapt, improvise, survive. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This made me smile, a burglar in NY was incapacitated by a homeowner wielding a fire extinguisher. But it is a reminder to us all ...

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Thread: Adapt, improvise, survive.

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    Adapt, improvise, survive.

    This made me smile, a burglar in NY was incapacitated by a homeowner wielding a fire extinguisher.
    But it is a reminder to us all that when things get crazy sometimes the nearest thing is a weapon.

    A homeowner used a kitchen fire extinguisher to beat back an intruder before catching him early Thursday, police said.

    The homeowner woke up around 1:30 a.m. when he heard a man banging on the kitchen door and fumbling with the doorknob while trying to get in, police said. When the homeowner opened the door to see who was there, the man barged in.

    The homeowner, fearing for the safety of his wife and children upstairs, grabbed the fire extinguisher, sprayed the intruder with foam, smacked him over the head and held him on the floor, said police, who arrested the thug and took him to a hospital.

    The intruder, who was treated for minor injuries, was scheduled to be arraigned late Thursday in Yonkers City Court on a felony charge of second-degree attempted burglary, police said.


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    Good point on improvised weapons. I, personally, prefer not to have to improvise, but in a pinch, flying "foam" and a hard metal object will do.
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    Proving once again that the real weapon is the person not the object in their hand. Some objects just make it easier than others. :)
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    And the burglar will probably sue for personal injury. He'll probably win too.


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    ...and this homeowner opened the door why?
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    One of the LEOs in my air guard unit spent six weeks in the hospital and or recuperating after he got laid out with a fire extinguisher. I think they should be registered and you need to be licensed to have one in your home. He heartily recommended them for hope protection.
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