Police and Fire false alarm today

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Thread: Police and Fire false alarm today

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    Police and Fire false alarm today

    I got up early and made a fire in the fire place and a pot of coffee, about when I finished the first cup, Mrs. Clean comes running in the room stating there are two LEO's with two cars shinning spotlights on the house and yard. I went out to see what's up and about that time, there came two fire trucks with lights flashing.
    Seems someone with a cell phone drove by and saw smoke and reported the house on fire.
    It is good to know the local Police and Fire Dept. are serious about their jobs and are protecting the public!
    However, listening to the scanner, people with cell phones seem to run the Police ragged reporting events that are not so or traffic events that will be out of town
    in a few minutes.
    Anyway, thanks to all you Public Safety personnel out there!

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    OMG a fireplace! What kind of idiot call for smoke comming out a chimney? My guess would be someone on another street saw smoke and called. When you first start up a fireplace you probably got some heavy smoke as the paper and such burned. The "concerned citizen" probably saw smoke in the air and called.

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    LOL, that happens almost everytime there is a frost where I work. The roof gets frosted over and when it starts to melt, steam rises, people call.

    As an LEO, I've learned to really like two things; cell phones and alcohol. The less desirables always seem to fight over their pre paid cell phones, are drunk or both.
    People call in dogs crossing the street, and the guy driving in front of them who didnt use his turn signal.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    EMS frequently gets calls for car accidents when people pull over for a variety of reasons.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

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    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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    It is a good thing that stupidity does not cause physical pain.
    When you accept mediocrity you sow the seeds for future failure.
    One should never confuse good fortune with good training.
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    Not really. If stupidity caused physical pain, we would have less of it.
    21 years and 21 days, United States Marine Corps.

    The line of hard men willing to rain violence on our enemies so you can sleep warmly and safely in your bed at night continues. That's what we do. Semper fi.

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