Cisco, Any one work with it?

Cisco, Any one work with it?

This is a discussion on Cisco, Any one work with it? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A company here in town is hiring for the position I am in, and it would be a really nice boost in the money department. ...

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Thread: Cisco, Any one work with it?

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    Cisco, Any one work with it?

    A company here in town is hiring for the position I am in, and it would be a really nice boost in the money department. But they want people that have experiance with Sisco systems, Smart Net was specifically mentioned. I work with a lot of systems here at my current job, SAP, J.D. Edwards, the old AS400, and others that I could not name.

    Any one work with it, is it hard to pickup, (i guess that is a subjective question) meaning for a non programmer type, mostly windows based programs in my past.

    I don't want to pass up a chance to try for this, but then I don't want to wayste my time or theirs either.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Cisco is networking equipment, not an application package. You would need to be a network engineer.

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    I didn't think it was bad to learn. However my company spent $$$$ to train me up on it. For under $100 you should be able to get a CCNA study guide with a simulator in it. Then you can try it out yourself.
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    Cisco makes some pretty awesome products in my opinion. Some are easy to learn, depending on how your mind works and your level of experience. I learned to manage their PIX firewalls pretty easily, but they have a line of Content Switches that were a little more challenging. Routing and Network Switching, well, you need to learn routing protocols like RIP, OSPF, BGP, etc. and then learn the Cisco interface to manage the devices. Cool company for sure though.

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    IOS and even CATOS (although it's almost gone) are somewhat easy to pick up as long as you understand basic networking fundamentals.

    An easy way to get the skill is to buy yourself an old switch and a couple routers off of Ebay and then to lab it up for a while setting different protocols up.

    Studying for your CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate certification) is also a great place to start.
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    They are mainly a network hardware company with software to support the hardware. They also have server based management software so they have a large base of programers.

    They also own Linksys!

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    Sisco (or Sysco) is a food service company. Cisco is a maker of routers, etc, as well as networking software. My wife worked quite a few years for Cisco, as a high level design engineer ( 4 patents). When the tech boom was on, it was sweet. Her stock options had her paying over a half million a year in Federal taxes. Of course, the crash hit, with caused her to lose ~ 8 million almost overnight. Fortunately, she was able to salvage some of the money, but it was really nice before the drop. Now, she's on disability retirement (back injury- fractured spinne > 20 years ago as Worker's comp), and she had a relapse. She collects her disability pay (thank GOD that they offered disability insurance, and she paid more for the highest coverage). She has 3 rental houses here in Vegas, and just bought us a house for almost $400,000, paying cash. My house, which I bought 15 years ago, still has a mortgage.

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