Even when caught they keep getting out

Even when caught they keep getting out

This is a discussion on Even when caught they keep getting out within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This is a sad story of crime and no punishment. No wonder N. O. has turned into Mogadishu. The term 60 day murder rap is ...

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Thread: Even when caught they keep getting out

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    Even when caught they keep getting out

    This is a sad story of crime and no punishment. No wonder N. O. has turned into Mogadishu. The term 60 day murder rap is out on the streets. The BG knows this and so should everyone else.


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    I heard on NPR not long ago that the N.O. residents who resettled in Houston were shocked when they were sent to jail and had to stay there. Apparently they thought that every where had a 30 day murder charge. They were shocked that Texas made them stay in jail until their trial and sentencing.
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    It seems to go along with everything else that's going on down there!

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    Corruption Abounds...

    His days are numbered...hopefully, he'll soon meet his maker...no probation there...

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    When I went with my other half to McComb, MS. She got really P.O.'ed at me because I didn't want to go to N.O. on our way back home. I told her my reasons, 1- it was dark. 2- it was raining. 3- I lost my appetite. 4-we could eat in Pascagoula.
    It took about a week before she spoke to me. I, then, told her the real reason. I just get this crazy stare. AND she.... is studying to be a criminal investigator !
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    Anybody still wondering why I was glad to leave the "Big Easy" in 1995? If so does the fact that I lived six blocks from the St. Bernard Housing Project help you reach an understanding. Hearing gun fire was a regular occurance and hearing automatic gun fire was not unusual.

    I miss the friends I made there and the great food, but neither will get me to even visit now. I have not been back in NO since 2003. I have friends living in Houston who lived in the same house in Metairie for 39 years. It was not damaged by Katrina, but after they returned to the area it was so bad that they moved. Both had lived in the New Orlean Metro Area all of their life. They are both in their mid-60s. It takes a lot to get someone who has lived in an area for over 60 years to move.

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