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(To rodc13)As for your reference to the John Birch Society link on www.americaindanger.com. I'm not a member, though the other host of the show is a Chapter Leader. Whatever your view on the JBS or Birchers, as I've heard them called before, isn't in line with the people I've met here locally that care deeply about the country as I do. They do have issues that I'm concerned about regarding the direction of the country, but I don't feel the need to join a group or organization to have to do something or feel special in anyway. I know who I am, as well as I'm sure you know who you are.

And just having a link on a site to another site, must mean guilt-by-association to you. I might as well assume, you're a card-carrying gun nut planning for TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) , because you post on CombatCarry.com, which could be totally wrong... or right. But I don't care, either way. All I wanted to post on this board was a simple thanks and that I'm glad this forum exists.
As I mentioned in my previous message, I welcome your participation on this forum, in context to concealed carry and 2nd amendment issues. As you'll find, there are widely disparate views on a lot of issues. One of the hallmarks of CombatCarry.com is the maintenance of civil discourse. We can disagree on issues without it becoming personal. When ad hominem attacks do occur, they are, as they should be, dealt with effectively by our great group of moderators.

Regarding my assessment of your website and the views espoused upon it, I responded to the original question of this thread by a quick review of your site and its major topics, as well as the prominent links to people and organizations.

You mention guilt by association. There's an old saying, that you're known by the company you keep. Certainly, the context of the association is important. For example, If I were to create a website where I posted a link to the KKK, displayed in a positive light, then I'm deservedly guilty of promoting their abhorrent views. If on the other hand, I post the same link under a "Know Your Enemy" heading, the context is equally clear. You could, of course, make the point that they're not all bad and there are some good things about them. This could also be true. After all, they say that Hitler loved dogs.

From this point forward, however, I'll reiterate that I welcome your participation on this forum on the topics that concern us all.