no flag here, comrad!

no flag here, comrad!

This is a discussion on no flag here, comrad! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; EAST WINDSOR, Conn. — Her son is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, but one Connecticut mother is waging a war of her own over her ...

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Thread: no flag here, comrad!

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    no flag here, comrad!

    EAST WINDSOR, Conn. — Her son is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, but one Connecticut mother is waging a war of her own over her right to fly Old Glory on her front lawn.

    Teresa Richard's condo association in this community north of Hartford wants an American flag and a Blue Star Mothers of America flag removed from her front lawn, along with the flagpole upon which they hang.

    Richard raised the flags last year to honor her son, Cpl. Tony Donihee, now serving in Afghanistan with the Connecticut National Guard.

    "If you want to fly the American flag, you should be able to fly it almost any place, any time," Warren Wenz, the chairman of the East Windsor Veterans Commission, told "If your son is in the service, what is the problem with flying an American flag and a mother's flag? I don't see why that should be a problem with anyone."

    Wenz wrote a letter to the Stoughton Ridge Condominium Association last week on Richard's behalf.

    Last summer, Richard received a letter from the condo manager asking her to "kindly remove" her American flag, that of the Blue Star Mothers of America and the flagpole, or face a fine, according to the Manchester Journal Inquirer.

    "I don't feel like I should be subject to a fine or anything else," Richard told the Journal Inquirer last year. "It's not hurting anyone."

    Click here to read the Journal Inquirer story.

    The condo board told her the flags would be tolerated for until Labor Day, after which she would be fined $25 a day, Richard said.

    Another resident, Gene Doering, has been flying his flag on a 13-foot pole in the condominium complex for five years.

    "They wrote me a letter and said they wanted me to take the flag down," Doering told "Well, I refused to take the flag down."

    The former National Guardsman hired a lawyer instead and after three months of pestering, the association let him be, Doering said.

    "It's kind of small for the association to waste so much time doing something like that," Doering said. "There's only 60 condominiums here; it's not like it's a huge group.

    "You would think people could get along a little better," he continued. "I always say the association should have better things to do than pick on somebody that's put a flag up."

    Calls to the condominium manager and the association president were not returned Tuesday.
    original link:,2933,250541,00.html
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    I can't say anything nice...

    It's not about the caliber you carry, it's about how you USE it.

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    Boo. Hiss.
    eschew obfuscation

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    Some folks just like to abuse any little vestige of power they have over others, be it HOA Officer, or "Lint Patrol".

    I'd tell them to stuff it.
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    I also cannot say anything nice

    Where are the true Americans any more!
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    Idiot control freaks are another reason why I will NEVER live in a Deed Restricted community or any place that has a homewowners assoc. or condo assoc.

    Pewrsonally, I like living free.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    The condo board should be sent to Afghanistan, no weapons, no food, and allowed to take a long walk in the desert...
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    I also cannot say anything nice

    Where are the true Americans any more!
    We're here. We're just too busy minding our own business, living our lives and taking care of our familys to do silly stuff like make news out of who wants to put a flag where.

    The real Americans are there, they just live their lives in stride, and don't cause trouble
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    What is it going to take to get decent people to re-assess their politics once in a while and come up with the courage to change the things they know in their hearts are dead wrong? Seems like a huge percentage of Americans over fifty are simply frozen in time. That time is the New-Left so-called "human potential" movement of the 60's. Good God; that was over FORTY YEARS AGO! Any American who doesn't have the personal perspective to understand that this Nation is a blessing to every soul on Earth and provides the best possible hope for the future of the human race is really not dealing with a full deck. Self -loathing is a nasty affliction because people who hate themselves and their own Country tend to promote it and push it on others. I think it's time to confront these whacks. They're gonna get us KILLED if we don't stop 'em from enpowering the enemies of our Nation.

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    My father served in the United States Navy. I am a United States Marine. I was born and raised in the United States. I live in the United States.

    So, along with the American Flag, I will probably very well be flying a Marine Corps Flag and perhaps a Navy Flag.

    Fine me $25 a day if you want, but don't forget to kiss my ass while you're at it, because that's the closest you'll get to seeing that money.

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    Petty territorialism, to wield a power they would not otherwise have were it not for their little badge of official position. Not too unlike politicians of all colors. And, she's right to stick it to 'em, IMO, on principle alone.

    Self-righteousness taking a front seat to honorable actions?

    Boo, hiss! is right.
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    Im way over 50 and can't understand these condo people who want to control their neighbors. It's time people put these jerks in their place. The same goes for home owner assocs. Most of the people are nice but there are those few who are want to bes and control freaks .

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    Don't they have more important things to worry about!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Wink Dress Code

    I wouldn't want to live there. "They" would want me to wear long sleeved shits in the summertime to cover the flag tattooed on my bicept.

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    Sorry but anyone wants my flag removed has to do it their self, not a wise choice.
    PC has become the term for Political Cowardice.

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