As some of you know, I'm still in college. For all intents and purposes, I head up my school's automotive racing team. We've been looking for good community service ideas. We do a lot of shooting, so we did the Good Guns Cleanup at all the local pits a few months back but we wanted to do more. This morning I stumbled onto these guys:

American Snipers

The club has completely latched onto the idea because we are all big gun people and military supporters. I like this group because you KNOW it is going to some guys who desperately need the items in a profession that is completely ignored in budgets during times of peace. We are probably going to goto the school for additional funding to get these guys rangefinders, periscopes, body armor, helmets, and the expensive stuff we can't afford (we will probably get some of it - our school is pretty conservative).

I'd like to know if anyone here has ideas where we can get this stuff the cheapest. We want to get brand-name quality items and avoid the junk knock-offs. These guys take this stuff into combat and cheap tupperware is unacceptable. Only the best. THIS is the list of items they need. If you post links, make sure you post what to find there for the best prices so I don't spend 10 hours attempting to cross-reference prices on 40 items. haha Also, some of their requests get rather specific... like Baretta lanyards.. they prefer coiled cord to stuff made out of 550 cords.

Or if you are interested in helping out, let me know.