Left Wingers to Dominate TV Tonight

Left Wingers to Dominate TV Tonight

This is a discussion on Left Wingers to Dominate TV Tonight within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; [Rant On] My wife asked me (even though she knew the answer already) if I was going to watch the left wingers in Hollywood congratulate ...

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Thread: Left Wingers to Dominate TV Tonight

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    Left Wingers to Dominate TV Tonight

    [Rant On] My wife asked me (even though she knew the answer already) if I was going to watch the left wingers in Hollywood congratulate themselves tonight. I told her that I might try something a little more pleasurable--like jabbing a screwdriver into my eyes and ears. All kidding aside, I wonder if anyone else finds all these Hollywood award events just an excuse to have the likes of Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, and others criticize and demean conservatism in America. They spend so much of their lives involved in fantasy movie-making that they can no longer recognize reality. [/Rant Off]
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    Hollywood is not reality anyways and never was - and I am not sure if some of the ''members'' even really belong on this planet at all!

    Most can put their ''opinions'' in a dark place for what they are usually worth! Trouble is - and it was ever thus - people with money, including grossly overpaid movie folks, always seem to guarantee limelight and of course, media attention.
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    I quit watching the Oscars after 1999...that year "Shakespeare in Love" beat out "Saving Private Ryan" for best picture...I still haven't gotten over it..
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    Many of them are good actors. They are good at pretending. Why people would flock to them and listen to their political and social leanings is beyond me.

    Let them congratulate themselves. It allows them to stay in their pretend world a little longer.

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    I don't listen to him often (should that be as much as I should? LOL.), but Rush Limbaugh was talking about that very thing. He pointed out how many Grammies the Dixie Chicks got and said expect more of the same at the Oscars.

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    I Won't Waste My Time...

    watching any stars(?) tonight...

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    watching any stars(?) tonight...
    If the clouds withdraw for a time, sure. I've got a new telescope that should work well in the western hills. Star power's a celestial thing.
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    Thumbs down Actors and singers

    Quote Originally Posted by CopperKnight View Post
    Many of them are good actors. They are good at pretending. Why people would flock to them and listen to their political and social leanings is beyond me.
    Now days there are very few actors who have any thing worthwhile to say. This includes their views on politics. They think because they are an actor or a singer that they are the ultimate authority. This brings to mind Jane Fonda and the Dixie Chicks. Most actors can't even control their own lifes or relationships and now they are experts on how to run the goverment. If anything they are a bad influence on our our kids. All the Oscars are a bunch of actors having a popularity contest wearing an outfit that most street walkers would think was to skimpy.
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    Hollywierd!!! I would rather watch ice melt or paint dry. No, I will be here reading all the old threads about ak-47's. Gonna get one pretty soon.
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    There has to be something better on, mabey a test patern?
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    There's a "Dogfight" marathon on the History Channel; "Rome" on HBO; and "Battlestar Galactica" on Sci-Fi Channel...no need to watch self-important "stars" fawn over each other.
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    I just asked my wife if she was going to watch the oscars. She didn't even know they were on. Her answer was, of course a @#$#$#no. Fiirst of all we cannot stand the host - helen degenerate, and the other reason was the last movie we went to was a sneak preview of The Hunt for Red October. See how often we get out ??

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    Oh well, its forcing me to watch family guy and surf the web.
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    Watching rich people pat themselves on the back is boring. They can't even make good movie's anymore. If they do a charity event they usually end up with a $50,000.00 payment such as watches or cars.

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    Oscars????......you mean like an award ceremony for the best hot dogs of all time?
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