Not safe for kids

Not safe for kids

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Thread: Not safe for kids

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    Not safe for kids

    I'm single with no kids but i know a lot of you here have them and carry to protect them. this is not the newest news but i don't think the word really got spread enough so i wanted to put it here. i saw it when i was digging through my documents but don't have it anymore so it's not going to be perfect. it also doesn't involve firearms.

    a woman took her son, i think he was about 4 or 5, to a fast food joint and let him play in the playground while waiting for their food. he played, they ate, and then left. shortly after he felt sick and the mother was worried. he eventually passed out and she rushed him to the hospital where he then died. they did a tox report and found he died of a heroin overdose. she and others went back to the restaurant and started investigating. long story short, they eventually checked the playground and emptied the ball pit. they found trash, food, even insects. they also found an old hypodermic needle which was once filled with heroin and obviously stuck the boy while playing.

    after that a lot of places were checked and they found the same things with about half of them, one of them containing a snake in their ball pit. i don't think i need to say anything about not letting your own play in or around these things at this point.

    stay safe.
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    Checking Snopes, it says it's another urban legent-

    But, as a side note, all of the places around here that I am aware of have pulled their ball pits for one reason or another. None left to be found.
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    another version of this one running around again huh

    and also Fake

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