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This is a discussion on Wally World Yes and No within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; OK, I got the solution. You will need to register to shop at WalMart. WalMart will not be allowed to sell Saturday Night Special Items ...

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Thread: Wally World Yes and No

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    OK, I got the solution. You will need to register to shop at WalMart. WalMart will not be allowed to sell Saturday Night Special Items which are nothing more that cheaply made products. Also, there will be a Once-A-Month restriction in buying stuff from WalMart and the sell of High Capacity Multi-Packed products is absolutely forbidden. Beer will only come in three-packs and same for other products similary packed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by briansmech View Post
    ... who doesnt?!?
    I have one of those hats so I never have to set down my drink :-)
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    Still stand by my earlier remark. All promotions come over the PA in Spanish. This is America [USA] Speak/learn English or go back where you came from.We have a lot of mexicans up here in Oregon that are citizens second and third generations and they hate the illegals.
    Funny how the illegals have 3/5 kids as fast as they can and then all of a sudden learn birth control. I worked at the primary super market as a outside vendor and have seen what's going on. They do spend a lot of $$ in the local economy,but do not support the infrastructure needed [ie hospitals/em rooms/schools and etc]
    So I DO not support Wally World except as a last resort. And I'm happy to tell them why. THIS IS AMERICA/USA and I for one am dammed proud of it. IT'S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    You don't have to shop there to carry there.

    I view WW as a neccesscary evil. I love the cheap prices but I hate how they are exploiting the economy and hurting small town business
    We're on the same page here.

    Too much China made stuff at Walmart. If I must shop there, I make sure I buy a box of Winchester or Remington ammo because, last I knew, they still loaded in the US.

    Josh <><

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    I haven't been in a Walmart in over 2 years. Barring natural disaster or impending doom, I plan on never going there again.

    Low prices? Sure. As well as third world exploitation, employee abuse, the glass ceiling for female executives, being the largest importer of Chinese products in the world, oh, and of course there's this:

    Amount of info on the internet = 230 terabytes:

    Storage amount of WalMart's secret data center on the Arkansas-Missouri border, where the company keeps information about it's customers = 460 terabytes.

    I stopped contributing to their database long ago ...
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    The Internet is quite a bit bigger than 230 Terrabytes. http://www2.sims.berkeley.edu/resear.../internet.html

    Who cares if the stuff is made by the Chinese as long as it's made decently well at an affordable price? The whole idea of outsourcing is that you move lowe end jobs to countries that can do it cheaper while you keep the high end complicated production jobs in your country and they buy it from you. China imports from us about what we export from her (per capita, they aren't the consumers we are).

    Sorry if you have to be a chemical factory worker with some training and make 15 dollars an hour now instead of 6 making underwear. Unemployment is still very low in this country.
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    For me it depends on the Walmart location.

    I have gone into Walmarts in WV and had no problem.

    Unfortunately, I live in the DC metro area. The people working at Walmart there don't seem to care if you are there or not.

    I don't go to the local Walmarts anymore since at my last trip I waiting at the ammo counter for 30 minutes (I was desperate for 45acp) grabbed no less than 5 different clerks to ask them to get someone to help me and finally left.

    In WV, the guy at the ammo counter was very helpful and very friendly.

    I do hate the idea of driving the little guy out of business but when it comes to shopping, money is expensive. Well, you know what I mean.
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