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This is a discussion on Small dog people! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Betty We prefer to get a young rescue dog because there's a lot of good doggies out there that are one step ...

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Thread: Small dog people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    We prefer to get a young rescue dog because there's a lot of good doggies out there that are one step away from being euthanized because nobody wants them. Because the variety of available dogs can be limited, I'd like to have a few breeds with the right character traits in mind when we're ready to get one. The downside to a rescue dog is the dog's history; the dog may have been abused and may not recover entirely and be unpredictable. (My late grandparents had one like that, who was rescued from a family where the dad abused the dog. The dog was always wary of men after that.)
    (I'll admit, I am biased on this issue as I used to be the Florida co-ordinator for Malinois Rescue)

    The up side of a rescue dog is that they are truly special companions. A number of people have commented that rescue dogs seem to know, one they are settled in their forever home, that hey have been gifted with a second chance, and they are eager to repay that gift.

    My male mal was a rescue, who had been abused (as an aside, I would love a few minutes of personal time with whoever abused him... ) and was wary of new people. Since he has been with us, he has really come into his own. He can still be reserved with new people, but he is the most affectionate dog within his own family.

    Plus, when you adopt a rescue dog, you become a member of a special club. We even have a secret handshake

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    The up side of a rescue dog is that they are truly special companions. A number of people have commented that rescue dogs seem to know, one they are settled in their forever home, that hey have been gifted with a second chance, and they are eager to repay that gift.

    Plus, when you adopt a rescue dog, you become a member of a special club. We even have a secret handshake
    Agreed on both - but always spend a lot of time with the dog first, as a family, and even consider some evaluations of the dog by trained "Doggy Shrinks"......
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    +1 on the Jack Russell Terrier. I have a Lhasa Apso, and she's a great dog-- for our situation. The longer-haired dogs will tend to shed less, if that's an issue (the Lhasa sheds once a year; gets rid of an undercoat). Any terrier will shed year round.

    The flip side is that Lhasas aren't generally good with small children, while the JRTs are excellent with short people. They're on the same wave length-- go, Go, GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My wife had a JRT, she was a cool dog. Someone stole her from my fenced yard. I miss the little rat.

    What about a west highland terrier?
    Betty, you seem dedicated in getting a dog fom the pound or a rescue. Thats a great way to go. The only down side is that you don't really now what your getting with the Heinz 57 dogs. That little JRT mix might end up being a 50# sloth.
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    I would be cautious about getting a rescue dog as a therapy dog.
    If you know going in that you'll want your dog to double as a therapy dog...then I would shop for a dog with a known/documented temperament ancestry. AKA get your pet from a reputable breeder.
    I am a dog lover and have nothing against rescue dogs.
    We have had two and they were great family members and pets but, one (though fantastic around us and adults) sure did not have a suitable temperament for children. I think it was mostly their excited high pitched voices that she just couldn't stand to be around.

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    Cairn know Toto? Best dog we have ever had!!!!
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    There are two small dogs from a rescue/foster place we're going to see on Saturday, one is a little black whippet/terrier mix and the other is a terrier mix that was labeled as being "very gentle." I'm not sure they got their breeds mixes right, but they look interesting.

    I know I'm asking a lot to find a small dog that is gentle and reasonably calm, but I know individual dogs can vary. My dad has a half pitbull - half rottie. If that sounds scary, that dog is all sissy. It crawls up you on its belly and runs when you yell. I wouldn't leave him around small children unsupervised, though (I wouldn't leave any dog around a small kid for that matter).

    The dog we're going to look at will be scrutinized as best we can. I don't want to grab the first one I see. I've searched and all the local shelter websites, and it's been a tough search.
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    Betty, whatever you do I do recommend that you avoid Love at First Sight on Murphy Rd, Sylvan Park.
    They mean well and they have lovely dogs, but they are affiliated with the Murphy Rd veterinarians who as you may or may not know are known for overpricing and recommending unnecessary treatment.

    Just a heads up, YMMV.

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    JRT are cute but they are crazy, insane little dogs!
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    We had a pomeranian spitz mix that died a few months back he was old. But I miss him. A good dog. We replaced him with a minature fox terrier a cousin to the jack russle. And he is very enerjetic. He would be something to consider. If your looking for a enerjetic dog. Boston terriers are a good choice to our neighbors had one and it was a very playful dog. Good luck in choosing a new pet.

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    Aside from the size requirement, a Greyhound would fit your criteria (a few minutes of activity a day, but a couch potato the rest of the time). Whippets are similiar (but smaller), but a little higher energy. Italian greyhounds are about the size of a cat. All are trainable.

    Border collies are smart and easy to train, but easily bored, because they are so smart. Good dogs though.

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    I'm on my 2nd Cocker Spaniel and this one (Doodles) is an abused, abandoned shelter dog yet he is so gentle, patient, friendly and good natured.

    Lady was a pedigree Cocker from a private breeder that I knew.

    Doodle looks funny but his story isn't. He is black and white and his tongue always hangs out and people wouldn't adopt him because of this defect. It isn't a defect, the person who originally had him kicked his front teeth out among other instances of general abuse.

    I think he's precious.

    I would recommend a Cocker anyday.
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    Personally anything smaller than a golden retriever is too small. I had one I got from the Golden Rescue League of Iowa. He was abandoned by his previous owners and I've never had a more well mannered, friendly, loving roommate in my life. It broke my heart when I had to give him up. I moved to the UK and the 6 month quarrentine would have killed him. So, here's one vote for a Retiever or a Lab.

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    I'm 100% for rescuing local animals that need rescuing. I'm also all for mutts and against creepy eugenics. That said, we're considering (once we're ready for a dog) a Swedish Vallhund. They're really cool little wolf-looking dogs with a very interesting working history. They're also rare and expensive...

    We love (most) dogs, big and small, but probably won't ever get a really big animal until I retire and stop traveling so much...20 years from now. Until then, it's two enormous cats and maybe a smaller dog like this guy in the future. The wife also loves dachshunds, which I think are the coolest little dogs once you're in the really little category.

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    Our 3 Doxie's waiting patiently at the front door for their mommy to come home from work.

    My other one.... Bailey an American Brittany... Sitting on her perch looks out window for birds in feeder, so then she can jump down and chase them.

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