Gentlemen, and Ladies..

Col. Harry G. Riley, (US Army, Ret.) the point man for A Gathering Of Eagles as the vigil has since been formally named, recently made a request for financial assistance.

What started as a relatively few determined vets now has grown to a point where the organizers are confidently predicting attendance in the tens of thousands.

That is great! It also carries logistical headaches and expenses. Permits were needed, transportation details must be worked out, there will be a speakers' platform, sound system, tents, website maintenance and updates, the all so necessary port-a-potties - one for each 300 people, and a daily presence by the organizers to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

The Colonel estimated that these arrangements would cost $25,000 and he was among the first to ante up his own money to help defray the costs.


Consider going to and click on the donation link. It is easy. It only takes a few mouse clicks. There even is an address and related information if you prefer to send a check.

If you wish you could be there but can't, this is a very real way to be a part of it.

They got my donation.