I just finished up the last bit of an 8lb Keg of Bullseye. I am about to crack open another 8lb keg of Bullseye.

Off the bat, I am looking to load some .357 Magnum, since I have about 500 WIN Small Pistol Magnum Primers and some more .38 Special, since I have 500 WIN Small Pistol Primers. I have been handloading .38 special exclusively over the last 4 months, since I had more then 1K 125gr FP bullets for .38/.357, but had more .38 shells then .357 shells.

I am looking to purchase 500 .357 shells and 1K 125gr Bullets.

So the questions.

1. Is 9mm still worth loading?? I get 50 round boxes at walmart for $11 (roughly)

2. Is the 5.56/.223 worth loading??

3. What is a good powder/bullet combo for .308 Win??

I will continue to load the .38/.357, since those rounds do run me about $15 a box of 50.

Last question, I used to keep detail records of how much I handloaded, cost per component, then break it down to cost per round, etc., etc...

How much can I load with an 8lb Keg of Bulleye, if I am only loading .38/.357 and maybe some 9mm??

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.