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Sheeple experience with a knife

This is a discussion on Sheeple experience with a knife within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Wrascal Have you all had too much coffee? RELAX. She asked politely enough. What if this lady was your mother/wife/daughter? PS. I ...

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Thread: Sheeple experience with a knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrascal View Post
    Have you all had too much coffee? RELAX.

    She asked politely enough. What if this lady was your mother/wife/daughter?

    PS. I did enjoy the remark about letting the gun babysit the knife.

    I carry an assisted opening Gerber.
    My Mother/Wife/Daughter aren't dumb enough to be scared of a pointy piece of metal. Plus, my Mom and my Wife are both great cooks, and I guess we'll just say that meat doesn't cut itself right?

    Seriously, most people use knives everyday whether to open something or to cut food.

    This has nothing to do with respect and everything to do with irrational fears. This would be the same as if I went to the office and some lady asked me to change into a different shirt because the color of the one I was wearing made her uncomfortable. I will not cater to peoples irrational fears, and that has not a thing to do with respect.

    And sorry to say this does make them sheep. They are frightened of inanimate objects and the good guys, while they won't admit the real danger is the bad guys out there. i.e. the sheep are afraid of the sheepdogs as they have sharp teeth and slightly resemble the wolf.

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    I work at a woman's college and have for the past 12 years carried a knife with a lock blade and a pocket clip of some kind. For a while I carried a Cold Steel Voyager with a 5" tanto blade. I get two reactions when I pull out the knife (regardless of which one it is) and open it to use. One is: "Cool, can I see it." Two is: they step back and say "You aren't supposed to have a weapon on campus."

    To the first I answer, "Yes, as soon as I finish with it." I show it to the person, usually a student, but not always. I show them how it works and help them to open and close it. About half the time I am asked where to get one similar to it.

    To the second I answer, "First, this is not a weapon under Alabama law and second, check again - the weapons policy only applies to students since it is only found in the student handbook." I very seldom get challenged on the second statement, especially since the person making the statement. whether student, faculty, staff, or administration, is usually just repeating what they have heard. If challenged I can produce a copy of the faculty handbook, the employee handbood, and the student handbook and let them search to their heart's content and they will only find it in the student handbook. I have been challenged on the first statement, that the knife is not a weapon under Alabama law. When I first started to work on campus, I knew I would get questioned about the knife, so I photo copied the Code of Alabama concerning concealed weapons where the definition of a weapon is found. I also copied the case law statement that states that lock blade knives are pocket knives if they can be carried in your pants pocket.

    I don't really get many problems after that. So far for 12 years no one has had the nerve to try to do or say anything after my explanation of why I can carry any folding knife I want to as long as it will fit in my pocket. Some of the ones who have made comments when I first used a knife in their presence don't even notice I am using one anymore. They have seen me use one so many times that they have become accustomed to seeing it and it no longer bothers them.

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    You should see the look on some of the other teachers faces when I have pulled out a small Kershaw folder to open up boxes of textbooks. You would have thought that I pulled out a dead rat from my pocket with the expression on one particular colleagues face.
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    At my former job, I was a purchasing agent in a manufacturing facility and always had nice Case knife (with a 'fancy' leather holder) on my belt.

    Well, I was only at my current job (years ago) maybe a few weeks when I put on the knife (this one having a black nylon holder, which blended nicely with my black dress pants) for work.

    Long story short, my boss called me into her office and asked, "Is that a knife?" I said yes, and she said, "It's making the women in the office nervous."

    I was told to take the knife off and keep it in my car.

    Sheesh, er sheep.
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    Buy the pansie woman a similar knife and present it to her as a gift. You may explain to her that refusal or negative comment from her about your gift will hurt your feelings and sensitivities.
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    I'm lucky I work in construction then.
    Knife on pocket, multi-tool on belt, gun on belt, speedstrip in pocket.

    I think I would knowingly offend someone if I ever had to work in an office environment. I can't stand the concept that someone else's insecurity should directly effect my lifestyle like that.

    The scene: 0.02's first day at his new job at some office.

    Co-worker: I notice you seem to have a knife, it's making me very uncomfortable.
    0.02: Oh, guess I shouldn't tell you about the Riot Gun under my desk then.

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    I'm In IT as well and up to last year carried an auto opener. I got too many strange looks so I switched to a S&W Cuttin Horse. 4 inch serrated blade with a thumb notch. Nice little knife for work, cheap and a cinch to sharpen as well.

    I was opening a printer box last week and a manager made the comment "that is quite a blade for work". And then commented "is that knife under 4 inches?". I said "I don't see a knife... I see a box cutter". He later apologized and said that he was just messing with me. I laughed it off and said that it was ok because I really didn't care. "It gets the job done."

    Next time ask her how she cuts her steak... with a spoon?
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    Friend of mine (at work where no 'weapons' allowed) showed me his box cutter. Assisted opening lockback that actually takes box cutter blades, pretty sweet and something I'm planning to get if for no other reason than a functional box cutter.

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    I guess a knife's place is in the kitchen, along with a woman, pregnant and barefoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son View Post
    I wonder what the reaction would be if you had a matching pair of cordless drills, one on each hip. Then you could practice your speed draw, and watch the faint all around you.
    Well, I tote around a big blue cordless drill off and on all day at work. Over the years it has been mistaken for a gun more than once. Maybe I should consider OWB carry for it. LOL!

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    Well, I wouldn't worry about it. She's obviously someone you don't want to be close with......she doesn't cook! If she saw the knives in my kitchen she'd have a heart attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeephipwr View Post
    I guess a knife's place is in the kitchen, along with a woman, pregnant and barefoot.
    You have no idea how scary that set up is played in my house. You really dont wanna see my wife PO'ed with a knife

    At my workplace there is also a very strong anti weapon policy but I have my lockable all day. I have used it from opening boxes to cutting bandages to remove jellyfish tentacles and nobody seems to have a care although it has raised some eyebrows with some managers. The only comment I had against from a manager was promptly solved when I made the comment that all the cooks have these sets with HUGE & very sharp knives in them and nobody bats an eye but my 3 inch blade made her unconfortable? That did not make sense specially since the cooks seem to be screaming and cussing at each other all day.
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    What do these idiots use in their kitchens, nerf knives????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrascal View Post
    Different folks, different strokes.

    I once sat in a hospital lab - beside a bunch of urine bottles. It didn't bother the lab personnel, but it did me.

    I've seen big tough guys get woozy while donating blood - didn't like seeing their own blood in the bag. That didn't bother me.

    Does any of this bother you? How about fingernails on a chalk board. People have different fears. Doesn't make them wrong or sheep.

    It doesn't hurt to be respectful of others.
    You are correct in that it doesn't hurt to be respectful of a point and if they deserve it. If I don't do anything worthy of respect I don't expect to be respected. Respect is earned. As for the urine, blood, chalk - No..None of it bothers me. Irrational fear does. And yes...I used to be one of those. I grew up with a fear of heights when I was much younger, although I never told anyone and I did try to hide it well around others. My parents used to send me down to live with my grandfather for the summers in grade school. My grandfather being one who doesn't put up with such nonsense(veteran and highly intelligent - he continued college into his 70's after retiring) and believing all folks are capable of overcoming such nonsense picked up on my fears rather quickly. His response... he suddenly had a "leaky" shed roof and insisted I help him fix it. It wasn't a high roof, probably not much more than 10 or 11 feet. I had trouble making it past the 4th rung on the ladder, but with him pushing and prodding behind me physically and verbally I made it up. And no sooner than I made it up to the roof(shaking enough they could probably feel it the next county over)...HE REMOVED THE FLIPPIN LADDER! He waited down below while I squeeled and hollered for probably close to a half hour. Another hour or so passed sitting on the roof and the "woozy" feeling started to subside...and finally I came to the realization that it was all utter nonsense. Been that way ever since. I realize it for what it is: Irrational.

    Problem is I'm actually against the one thing that can help fix it. My morals tell me that the initiation of force against another is wrong. Therefore, for me to tie sheep to a chair, drop the unopened knife in their lap, and about every 15 minutes or so comically ask if it's jumped up and bit them yet...would be bad...nevermind the illegal part.

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    When I interned with DOT I was in road construction, and there everyone had at least two knives. I felt right at home. When I started my current job and was at training at our main office in Pottstown, PA, I used my Gerber AR to open an envelop. You should have seen the faces on the people around me, looked as though I just killed Santa Claus. I calmly put the knife away and never used it again unless I was alone. When I was transferred to a branch office, I used the Gerber AR in what I thought was secrecy. A co-worker just happened to be walking by and caught sight of my knife. I got nervous when he asked, "So what do we have here?" He quickly followed, "Now that is a dinky knife...what you need is one of these," brandishing his own.

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