Sheeple experience with a knife

Sheeple experience with a knife

This is a discussion on Sheeple experience with a knife within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just figured I'd post another example of the lack of sheeple logic I witnessed at work today. I typically carry (among many many other things ...

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Thread: Sheeple experience with a knife

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    Sheeple experience with a knife

    Just figured I'd post another example of the lack of sheeple logic I witnessed at work today. I typically carry (among many many other things - yes batman would be an exceptable nickname) a kershaw assisted opener cliped on my pants pocket.

    I was working on a lady's PC in our office and needed to get a new cd out of the box and the wrapping around it was being difficult so ...out pops the kershaw. When finished I sat it on the desk and continued working. The person I was fixing the pc for was sitting on the opposite side of desk patiently waiting. After a few minutes of me working in Oh sweet, glorious silence she suddenly (and in a ...meek? voice) asked me to put the knife away. I asked what the problem was and her response was that it made her uncomfortable. Me being the blunt person I am...I know I couldn't help it..." What's wrong? You think it's going to jump up off the desk and bite you?". She responded no...but "it just makes me feel uncomfortable". Sorry honey. Stupid people really get on my nerves. I think I need to go fishing now.

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    Mine too! When I hear this dribble from someone I want to say, "you have a perfect right to feel uncomfortable, and I have a perfect right to not give a crap about your comfort level." We are becoming such a nation of pansies it makes me sick.

    OK, rant over!

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    I can relate. I used to do exactly that (fix computers), and at leat a few times a day, my knife would be used to pry open a stubborn case or open a package on the bench. I never had anyone ask me to put it away, but jokes about "going postal with that thing", etc seemed to follow closely behind whenever I used it. (Despite the fact that as soon as anyone needed a static bag opened or a zip-tie cut, I was first pick)

    The really humorous part is I've cut myself much worse on the cases of the very computers I fixed than I ever have with my pocketknife.

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    I wonder what the reaction would be if you had a matching pair of cordless drills, one on each hip. Then you could practice your speed draw, and watch the faint all around you.
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    If It Didn't Ruin The Point...

    You could gently pick it up...quickly stab the top of the desk...let it wobble back and forth, and say, "Now that nasty knive won't jump up on anyone...

    Heck with the ...but I couldn't be that nasty to a good knife!

    Or you could...just take out your gun and lay it next to the knife and say, "This guy will watch that nasty knife..."

    Sheeeeesh... they sure are frustrating...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I am all but lost for words ......... rare huh!?

    Amazing ..... there is a population of whimps all around us.


    Or you could...just take out your gun and lay it next to the knife and say, "This guy will watch that nasty knife..."
    Chris - P95
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    I sometimes get the same reaction (with the same knife as OP)--except I work with people who wear BDUs, ACUs, and khakis all day.

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    I wear a Touche' by Gerber, it's a small knife that attaches to a belt buckle.
    A while back I went in for a CAT scan. Took everything out of my pockets but forgot about the knife. As I was walking toward the table the tech said "Your belt buckle"
    Since the buckle itself is plastic I removed the knife portion and tossed it into the tray with my change & stuff.
    The tech says "Is that a knife?"
    I thought oh, boy here we go
    "Yes, it is" I told her.
    All she said was "My husband would love one of those, where did you get it?"
    I'm a child of the 60's, but I got over it.

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    The past few summers I working in the shipping, recieving and delivery department of a construction supply company, out on the loading/unloading docks and in the trucks.

    I usually carried some sort of lockblade knife with about a 3 inch blade. It always amazed me, some customer would come in to pick up a couple cabinets, which are shipped in cardboard boxes to protect them.

    "Hey can you open up the box so we can look at it and make sure its not damaged?"
    "yeah sure" pull out the knife, cut the box open
    "What are you gonna do with that thing?"
    "Well, I didn just cut the box open like you wanted me to, what did you expect me to use?"

    Blank stare.

    The ladies that worked in the office didn't seem to like me walking around back there with it clipped on my pocket either, like I have time
    to dig in my pocket with something heavy in one hand.
    Fortes Fortuna Juvat

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    Have you all had too much coffee? RELAX.

    She asked politely enough. What if this lady was your mother/wife/daughter?

    PS. I did enjoy the remark about letting the gun babysit the knife.

    I carry an assisted opening Gerber.
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    LOL she woulda really crapped @ my automatic boker work knife then .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrascal View Post
    What if this lady was your mother/wife/daughter?
    My mother/wife/daughter all know that it is only a tool.
    "We must remember that one man is much
    the same as another, and that he is best
    who is trained in the severest school."
    ~Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War

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    political correctness doesnt fly far around me.

    imho, being offended too easily, is offensive itself. when someone gets all uptight and starts painting me as some gun weilding, blood drinking, violence monger, i get offended myself.

    i just deal with them with a smile, and a spoonful of disdain and sarcasm.

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    Isn't it amazing how a butcher knife with a blade 7-8 inches long used in an office to cut cake doesn't bother anyone but a clipit with a 3 inch blade will make people go in to histerics.

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    Different folks, different strokes.

    I once sat in a hospital lab - beside a bunch of urine bottles. It didn't bother the lab personnel, but it did me.

    I've seen big tough guys get woozy while donating blood - didn't like seeing their own blood in the bag. That didn't bother me.

    Does any of this bother you? How about fingernails on a chalk board. People have different fears. Doesn't make them wrong or sheep.

    It doesn't hurt to be respectful of others.

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