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Big storm brewing in Georgia?

This is a discussion on Big storm brewing in Georgia? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by nn As a modern day carpetbagger, I just love that comment! My wife is a carpetbagger too! My son is a half ...

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Thread: Big storm brewing in Georgia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    As a modern day carpetbagger, I just love that comment!
    My wife is a carpetbagger too! My son is a half northern, half southern. Damn, he is going to be confused when he gets older!

    I've got another one for you: (Saw this on a bumper sticker once)
    "Welcome to the South. Now go home."
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    Well I'll go along with whatever makes the most sense, being neither Southern or Northern gives me a unique perspective.
    Of course we all have different definitions of 'most sense'.

    For example, when I first got to Nashville, fresh off the plane from the UK, I was told by the stonemasons I was working alongside that MLK day is actually called James Earl Ray day here in the South.
    Fortunately I found out otherwise before I repeated that to anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maclean3 View Post
    ...At the same time, had they called it Southern Pride Month I don't think the backlash would be quite as vocal as it will be with Confederate History Month. Semantics sucks but it very much influences society's take on things.
    No more so than Black history month or Cinco De Mayo. It's okay to be an illegal immigrant and walk down main street cities in America waving a Mexican flag and demanding the US give up its land to you or telling us to go back to England, but God forbid being proud of your American Heritage North or South. With rifle, pistol, and the sweat of our labor we made this land ours, built churches, schools, cities; it's citizens; black, brown, yellow and white shed blood to make it great. We haven't always gotten along, but the history should be taught to each and every child. I'd better stop before I go too far...
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    Let me start out by saying I served in the U.S. Army for 4 years and I believe that anyone who enjoys this country’s freedoms should learn about all of its history as much as possible.

    Now no matter what you may, or may not, believe the Civil War was about, it played a HUGE part in shaping this country’s future. There is too many people to mention that gave their life to protect their beliefs and their way of living. I feel that both sides believed they were fighting to better this country. The men on both sides of this war, and any other conflict U.S. has been apart of, that fought and/or gave their lives for this country, should be remembered as much as possible.

    The way I see this country going now, it will not be too long before we are like the country in the movie “V for Vendetta.” I believe it would be helpful for everyone that lives in this country to be forced to learn our history, whether they are from this country or not. I believe we can not move forward as a country knowing where we are going and what we should unless we know where we have been and what we have done.

    So I say lets make every month a special month for a different conflict this country has been apart. I believe anyone that has issues with our countries history being taught, and our soldiers being honored, is not a patriot to this country. And those people should leave this country, because they should not be allowed to enjoy the freedoms that have been awarded by those who have died in battle.

    So in short; I hope Georgia passed the bill and I hope this idea moves through the country like a plague.
    Things happen, but the only thing that matters at the end of the day is what you do during and after in order to survive.

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