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Thread: Uplifting

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    Found this on another thread:

    Something neat happened this morning.


    Okay, slightly OT but this was pretty neat.

    I'm sure that many of you, like myself, have those "dark times" and sometimes feel that the whole country is going to hell in an express train. Sometimes it feels like everyone around you is almost afraid to be a patriotic American. Strangely enough it can really feel that way here in Washington DC because there is such a mix of nations and cultures here that PC can run wild.

    There is a grade school near where I work and this morning as I was walking by they began reading the pledge of allegiance on their intercom. Since it is pretty warm all the windows were open and you could clearly hear it out in the street.

    In front of me were two marines who halted, caps off, and began reciting the pledge. I joined in and so did the two business suited guys walking next to me. As I'm glancing around across the street I see three hispanic construction workers have stopped working and are doing the same. Looking up, more workers on the upper floors had stopped and joined in as well.

    The pledge ended and we all looked around at each other. Black and white, hispanic and asian, white collar and blue, men and woman, quite a group had collected just in that few minutes. Many smiles and "good mornings" were exchanged and we all went off to begin our day. I'm not an overly touchie-feelie type but I have to say I was DAMN PROUD of our country at that moment and felt lucky to have been able to participate.

    So folks, even when you get down remember that there are good Americans of all stripes out there and you'll probably encounter them when you least expect it.


    My response:

    Before this thread gets closed...

    Thank you for sharing this incident.

    I recently have been a bit sad. Having just turned 40, I have come to the realization that the USA is NOT going to get where I think it should be as pertaining to the 2A, and other issues, in my lifetime. I want it NOW, ****** . But I will continue to fight for my children's rights. That is a more noble cause.
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    80/20 rule

    I am a frim beleiver that 80% of our troubles are caused by 20% of the people.

    That being said, the other 80% of the people will act just the way you describe there.

    What a wonderful story to share. THANKS

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    I belive in that 80/20 rule. If only we could straighten out the 20% that cause all the trouble this would be a a fantastic place to live. The rest of what I want to say would get thie thread closed down so I won't say it.

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    Quite an uplifting event.

    I would even go so far as to say a 90/10 rule is perhaps alive and well. 10% of evil and bad guys is still a lot of nasties!

    Yes there is much more we could all add .... but like Tom I will refrain from any ''in-depth'' analysis Not on CC.
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    In my opinion ya cant judge the good from bad with a simple ratio. But I also belive at any given time, the good will outweigh the bad. It sometimes seems not to be the case, cause of the few rotten apples spreading their stink around the bunch.

    I often use this screen saver to "ground" me, in troubling times.
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    Good post. Not much else to say.

    I like that quote, gregarat. The picture fits it well.
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    Super Post...

    Make one step bake from all the media B.S. and say, "I'm proud to be an American!"


    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Great Post and Amen to what retsupt99 said.

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    Good Thread. Refreshing to hear.
    I don't know about you folks but, we're going to be getting into Spring here in PA (with better weather SOON) and it's been a long Winter...& I need at least a short vacation away from totally Bad, Sick, Perverted, Depressing news.
    Nature is going to be all fresh & alive and I intend to "take the cue" and feel exactly the same way.
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    Just to add to this thread something analogous that happened on a plane I was on not too long ago. While we were sitting on the runway waiting for the doors to close a contingent of troops back from Iraq boarded and started up the aisle toward their seats in the coach section. As they were walking through the first class section, one of the passengers in first class got up and offered his first class seat to one of the troops. At that point every, and I mean every, other of the first class passengers did the same so the troops could travel home more comfortably. All of the othr passengers on the plane then stood and applauded. I tell you that it did make me very proud to be an American that day, and I think brought tears to the eyes of many of us on that plane.

    I might have related this on another post. If so, please excuse the repetition, but I thought it worth retelling on this thread.

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    This are the things that makes us who we are!!!!!!!!!
    And hopefully this will be for ever!!!!
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    great post, thanks!

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    This is a good post.
    Gives that warm feeling that you don't get anymore.

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    It is good to hear stories that still support the notion of having pride in one's country. There are lots of issues out there working against us as a country, but I think the country will survive it and continue to be great. I would like to see them get cleaned up in my lifetime, but not sure I will....
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    Thank you for the posting.
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