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JFK assassination, new info?

This is a discussion on JFK assassination, new info? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; IMHO only : Oswalt was a patsy . Not that the shot couldnt be done by any competent rifleman , but repeat shots with a ...

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Thread: JFK assassination, new info?

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    IMHO only :
    Oswalt was a patsy . Not that the shot couldnt be done by any competent rifleman , but repeat shots with a carkino are an issue . I had family there at the time , and the verbal account does make sense with actually walking the ground . Oswalt was part of the problem , but not the only assason imho . I wont speculate on who else ( either personally or by orginisation ) may or may not have participated , I will only say that it dont hold water as a lone shooter with exacly the wrong rifle .
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    I think Marilyn Monroe shot JFK...that's why the K's put HER down...
    Naw...but could be an interesting story though...

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    OK retsupt99 - Off Topic but, since I've heard stranger theories than that one presented as fact...we'll let your post stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I think Marilyn Monroe shot JFK...that's why the K's put HER down...
    Naw...but could be an interesting story though...

    My "theory" is that Jackie found out about JFK and Marilyn. She called Joe DiMaggio and Joe had JFK and RFK killed.

    But in interest of full disclosure, I really don't care, but I really had some guy going one day with my "theory" that makes as much sence as Castro teaming up with the mob that was being paid with Soviet money through China.

    If the Warren Report isn't correct, then we really won't know the truth. IF there was a conspiracy, the top guys are all dead, and they had the minions killed off years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son View Post
    Check out these pics, taken from the position of the video, and from the position of the car, looking in at all the suspect positions. Pretty good to look at.

    Dealey Plaza

    Found the article about trying to enhance the only sound recording made of the shooting.

    Dictabelt No. 10
    That one pic up at the window makes the shot look a little easier than I thought. Why is it that I can't find a pic FROM the window to the X?
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    Having visited the Sixth Floor Museum and looked at the perspective live from the window nearest the corner window Oswald used it dos not appear to be that difficult a shot. I guess that gives me away as a non-conspiracy guy. But whatever your ideas re: conspiracy or politics don't pass up a chance to tour the museum if ever in Dallas. It was well worth the ten bucks or so admission fee. The 'snipers perch' of boxes arranged around the corner window is arranged exactly as it was in police photos. It is surrounded by plexiglass so you can't get a view through the window but can the next window over. Very similar in perspective. Very errie to see the exact place involved in the history I was listening to on the radio all those years ago.
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